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5 Ways You Can Develop Clairsentience and Learn to Read Energy

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Clairsentience I believe it is a gift that we all possess. The ability to feel and perceive energy is something that comes so natural to human beings whether we are aware of it or not. Sometimes we don’t even necessarily have to be spiritually attuned to read energy, it can be just something that we feel.

However, if you really do want to fine-tune your raw clairsentient abilities, it takes some work and a bit of experience working with energy. In my experience, the most important step in developing this gift is to pay attention to it, to understand how it works and listen to the way your body and emotions respond to energy. This will be the absolute key to honing this skill!

I am going to share with you some of the ways I really managed to refine my clairsentient skills. It has taken a number of years to understand energy and learn how to read it but if you follow these tips and practise them often, you can easily become proficient in reading energy quite quickly.

But firstly I would like to discuss the benefits of clairsentience and why learning to read energy is so important and invaluable!

What is Clairsentience and Why is it a Good Idea to Deepen Your Clairsentient Abilities?

What is Clairsentience?

The definition of clairsentience is ‘clear-feeling’ meaning that your intuitive powers lie in your ability to feel what cannot be seen or known through physical means. Those who are naturally very skilled clairsentients tend to be very emotionally sensitive and are often empaths.

Clairsentience I believe is an incredibly undervalued gift. Knowing how to read energy can help you in a multitude of different areas of your life. It is a way of understanding that which is unseen and can help to guide you in determining what to avoid and what to pursue.

Some reasons why it is a gift worth cultivating are:

  • It can allow you to connect with higher realms of light and have wonderful experiences with energy of high frequencies.
  • Help you to avoid certain people, situations and spaces that hold energy which is unhelpful for your learning and growth or that could be detrimental to you.
  • Aid you in energy work or perhaps steer you on to the path of working with energy.
  • Help you to detect energies in your home that could be affecting you or your family in negative way.
  • Allow you to sense something about a place, object or person that wouldn’t necessarily be known by any other means.

5 Ways to Develop Your Clairsentient Abilities

Your emotional centre will be your guiding light when it comes to clairsentience.

1.Pay Close Attention to Your Emotions

Your emotional centre will be your guiding light when it comes to clairsentience. Most of the time when we feel either a good or bad energy, we tend to experience an emotional reaction before we feel anything else.

This might not always be the case. We can also sometimes feel a physical response first but I have found that most of the time in my case I tend to sense energy via my emotional responses.

I remember being a young child and visiting the Tower of London, a place where great suffering occurred in past centuries and I remember feeling this awful heavy feeling. Almost like heavy and painful emotions weighing me down. This was my first experience of sensing energy and I knew that what I was feeling was real.

If you want to assess the energy of a space, I find the best thing to do is to see how it makes you feel. Do you feel sad? Happy? Depressed? It seems like such a simple suggestion but so often we ignore our gut feeling and what is happening to us on an emotional level. Clairsentience works very much on our intuition so in order to bring this gift to its full potential we need to open up our intuition and listen to what it is telling us.

2. Watch Your Physical Responses

As I mentioned before, the other way that we most often respond to energy is physically. This could be something as small as the hairs standing up on your neck or something more severe as dizziness or nausea. It really depends on how sensitive you are.

I have often found that in a space with a very positive and high vibrational energy, you can actually often feel quite sleepy. This is because your body needs to adjust to the vibration and sleep tends to help the body to do this. I remember a room in my Dad’s house where his partner at the time used to do angel readings for clients. As soon as I would walk into this room, I could feel an amazingly positive and loving energy. However, very often I would end up falling asleep if I stayed in there too long!

Likewise, in many places I have been to that have a dark energy, I often end up feeling very anxious or sick. Times when I have walked around the City of London where the energies of competition, power and greed dominate that area, I have felt dizzy and unwell.

It is most likely that you will react differently ie. emotionally or physically in different situations. Always listen to these reactions because this is how you will really start to learn how energy affects you and learn the difference between different types of energy.

3. Doing Energy Work

Another way that can really help deepen your clairsentient abilities is doing some kind of energy work. This could be healing, meditation or lightwork. When we start to work with energy, we start to learn how it works, how it feels in our body and how it affects our emotions. These energies have the ability to open up your clairsentient abilities even further as well as heighten other psychic skills so it is really worth starting some spiritual practice.

4. Learn What Affects Energy

When we want to learn how to read energy, it can be quite useful to learn the things that influence it.

It has recently become widely known that there are two main ends of the spectrum when it comes to the vibrational state of energy. At the highest end, we have Love and at the lowest end, we have Fear with all other emotions such as happiness, contentment, anger, and sadness sitting between these two.

As such, energy is affected by events that occur and the thoughts of people that frequently habituate a certain space or area. This is why I experienced such a heavy energy when I went to the Tower of London as the energy of what happened is still present there. (However, I am sure that it helps to maintain the creepy feel of the attraction and keeps the tourists rolling in!)

There are other subtle indicators as well that can help you read the energy of a space (or object where applicable) and they are as follows. Some may seem obvious but very often it is not always obvious what makes a place feel uncomfortable or lifeless unless you are aware of what is affecting the energy.

  • Exposure to light – spaces that have little exposure to natural light often have a more negative energy. This is because sunlight is a natural energy cleanser.
  • Cleanliness – Bad energy often gets stuck in dirty corners where dust accumulates. To keep the energy fresh in your home, clean often and get rid of things that are no longer needed. Moving things around also help to clear stagnant energy. This article I wrote for Conscious Reminder has some really good tips for clearing negative energy.
  • Foul odours – Foul odours often indicate bad hygiene which can lead to bad energy. It is also less inviting for angels and lightbeings to travel into the space if an area doesn’t smell nice.
  • A space with a positive energy has a clean bright feel. You feel happy and relaxed in this space. If it is a home then lots of happy times and love energy can be felt in this area.
  • An area that’s situated near a telephone mast will often have an energy that makes you feel uncomfortable and restless.
  • Too many electronic devices or devices that emit radiation such as a WIFI monitor can also make a space feel uncomfortable – try to turn off all electronic devices off from time to time to create a feeling of peace.

5. Practice Makes Perfect

As mentioned previously, the most important part of developing clairsentience is practice. The more you practice concentrating on what you feel, the more you will understand energy.

When you pick up an object or walk into an area next, ask yourself: how does this area make me feel? What are my emotions saying? What does my body feel? Keep asking yourself this for not just a space, object or even person but even when a opportunity arises in life. Ask yourself how does this opportunity make me feel? Excited? Happy? Scared? Dread? Keep listening to what you feel inside.

We are Divine Beings

We are multidimensional spiritual beings having a human experience and have more power than we know. Because of the physical mundanity of everyday life, we have become trained to ignore our intuition and ignore our gut feelings. Our bodies, emotions and intuition can tell us more than we could imagine, if only we just listen to them. Intuition and clairsentience are truly wonderful gifts that we have been given. It is time start breaking out of the ‘5 sense paradigm’ that we have been trained to live our life by and start listening to our other senses.

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