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What Does a Past Life Flashback Feel Like?

Have you ever had that strange feeling of familiarity where you feel like you have been somewhere before but can’t quite pinpoint when? Perhaps it is not the location that seems familiar but maybe you recognise a building, object, civilisation or picture from somewhere before. Somehow you sense that this feeling of familiarity may originate […]

What is a Lightworker?: The Real Job of a Lightworker

The Origins of Imbolc: The Festival of Light, Warmth and the Goddess Brigid

“She who put beam in moon and sun,She who put food in earth and herd,She who put fish in stream and sea,Hasten the butter up to me.Pray Brigid, see my children yonder,Waiting for buttered buns,White and Yellow” Traditional Irish Prayer and Invocation For Imbolc January draws to a close – the days are becoming longer, […]

Welcoming the Return of Summer: The Origins of Beltane