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Yes the Divine Feminine Needs to Re-emerge, But Let’s Also Talk About the Re-emergence of the Divine Masculine

When doing a simple Google search with the words ‘Sacred Men’s circles in London’ it is very concerning how few results come up. In fact, Google actually asks ‘Did you mean Sacred Women’s circles in London?’. If I do a search for Women’s circles, on the other hand, the results I get are astounding. There […]

What is a Lightworker?: The Real Job of a Lightworker

Allow Your True Self To Step Forward And See the Miracles That Happen In Your Life

Being the truest and most authentic version of your self can sometimes be one of the most difficult paths to take. It can often be a challenging and difficult journey where the many versions of yourself that you created along the way need to be shed before you can truly understand who you are and […]

What is a Lightworker?: The Real Job of a Lightworker

The Beauty of Transformation and Why Now is the Best Time to Make a Transformation of Your Own

I felt guided to write about the process of transformation, not only because I believe that this information is really important right now, but because having gone through my own transformation recently, I feel that I can see the value and appreciate fully the process of going from a state of depression, pain and suffering […]

Moon Phase Meanings: Rituals and Activities For Each Moon Phase

8 Inspirational Internet Personalities That Are Making A Change In The World

Before the internet, if you wanted a large audience to hear what you had to say, you would need to go through traditional media routes. The problem with is was that certain media channels and outlets would decide whether your material was worthy to broadcast or publish and you would also be obliged to produce […]

What is a Lightworker?: The Real Job of a Lightworker