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“Our personal ripple effect is the power of one generating hope and change in others for a better world. Like ripples radiating across the surface of a pond when a pebble is tossed in, kindness is powerful and has far-reaching, positive ramifications that bring about a tremendous sense of joy.”

– Laurie Buchanan, PhD – Author of Note To Self: A Seven-Step Path To Gratitude and Growth

Hey there! I am Arabella, the creator of Small Ripples. I created Small Ripples to assist with the wonderful spiritual awakening that we are now experiencing on our planet. Right at this moment, it feels like we are living in a time that is brimming with positive potential and energy.

Despite the difficulties we have been facing in our world, I believe that as a human race we have a golden age ahead of us!. All we have to do is to reawaken to our true Divine nature and step into our power as creators. We have the power and capability within us to create a world that is more conscious, loving and respectful of the Earth; it is just a matter of believing that this is possible.

So how do we get there? Well to answer that question, let me quote our motto: ‘Small Ripples Create Big Waves’. Yes, that’s it. If all of us create small ripples of kindness, love and happiness within the world around us, then imagine the big waves of change we can create. Much like the ripple effect, the decisions and choices we make in our life have unprecedented and far-reaching effects. Therefore, if we align with the highest and most Divine aspect of ourselves then our actions, words and choices will inevitably reflect this. Even the smallest stone can create ripples big enough to reach the shore.

The purpose of the content I share here is to educate, inform and inspire. I try to help readers like you become the best version of themselves by inspiring them to look within and to create positive inner change. When we are the best version of ourselves, the creation of those ripples of kindness, love and happiness, naturally happen. We cannot help but be a blessing to this world and this is where big global change really starts.

More about Arabella

Arabella Lumley
Arabella Lumley, the creator of Small Ripples

The path that led me to my spiritual awakening is definitely an interesting one. From a young age I was very aware of spiritual concepts and had a natural fascination with spirituality, past lives and healing. I would have very interesting dreams and seemed to have an innate understanding of spirituality.

I will never forget the time when I was about 7 years old and I was standing in my garden playing and I had this sudden realisation that God was not some man who lived in the sky, (which I had been led to believe by the teachings of the Christian school I had gone to) but that he/she was woven into every natural thing that existed. The whole of existence and everything in it was God! I remember telling my mother this as she looked at me out of the window and she still remembers it to this day as well.

This spiritual knowingness stayed with me all through my adolescence and beyond but it wasn’t until I reached 20 that my true spiritual awakening occurred. Up until this point I had suffered from an underlying depression that wasn’t exactly visible to anyone who knew me but it was definitely there. I felt very dissatisfied with what this world had to offer and I was lacking some sort of fulfilment but just wasn’t sure what that exactly was. I felt very lonely and out of place in this world. I remember saying to myself one day that ‘I just don’t belong to this world’ but had no idea what I really meant by that.

My real awakening happened when I started to look at the world around me and realised that the way we were living and how we were behaving towards one another, as humans, was just so wrong. This was the first step.

The second step was initiated by one day just randomly deciding to research if Earth had ever been visited by extraterrestrials…as you do of course! Lo and behold, I found a wealth of information on this subject and began to research this subject extensively. I learned that many people had been contacted on Earth by different star civilisations and the message was always consistent: Love is the most powerful thing in the Universe, we are all One, and we are going through a period of transition into a Golden Age.

My life had completely changed from this knowledge and my outer world began to reflect this. For months I was on this high-vibe kick and the synchronicities and things I was attracting into my reality began to become so crazy that life didn’t even seem real.

This high-vibe frequency that I was living in seemed to put the Law of Attraction in full-power mode for me. Anything that randomly popped into my mind would suddenly be in front of me, whether it was on TV or something someone said. I would ask for a sign or guidance and within minutes it would be staring me in the face. The idea that the universe was alive and continually orchestrating events and situations for our growth and learning seemed impossible to deny.

I realised that this awakening had happened for a reason and that I had some part to play in bringing this golden age about. I was filled with this huge sense of mission. I followed this feeling and it led me to amazing places. Since my awakening, I have had wonderful spiritual experiences from meditating in the pyramids in Egypt to having out-of-this-world journeys using well-known plant medicines. I am continually learning and growing and now wish to share this growth and knowledge through the content I write on this site. It is my aim to create Small Ripples through what I write and, for you, the reader, to in turn create small ripples using the knowledge I share.

Arabella xxx