Awake and Aware Conference Report 2018: Incredible Must-Read Testimony and Information

The weekend of the 7th-8th July was the 3rd annual Awake and Aware conference hosted by Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot in collaboration with UFO Academy . The conference was held at the beautiful Georgian manor house High Elms Manor in Watford, Hertfordshire. The conference was completely sold out with an amazing line up of speakers on both days covering a variety of fascinating topics. There was incredible testimony of first-hand UFO experiences, interactions with Extraterrestrials, interactions with secret government agencies and military as well as information on possible future events, the ways in which the Deep State are trying to control the human race and details on the Secret Space Program which many of the speakers claimed is being managed by various military agencies around the world.

In this article I will go into detail about some of the highlights of the conference and try to include as much as I can in terms of the testimony and information that was presented. Unfortunately, there was some interference during the conference where an EMP (Electromagentic Pulse) was being heavily directed at the conference room which led to me and others to suffer from nasty headaches and a general feeling of sickness. As such, there maybe some gaps in my notes as I had to leave the conference room on a number of occasions towards the end of the day on both days. If anyone that reads this was at the conference and has something to contribute that I haven’t covered, please feel free to add some information in the comments.

DISCLAIMER: The information and testimony provided here does not necessarily reflect the views of This is merely a report on what occured during the conference and the information and testimony that were given. I would advise you to use your own discernment where appropriate and do your own research on the topics presented here. The information given here is also an interpretation of the presentations that were given during the conference and none of the speakers are to be held responsible for what is written in this article.

The Speakers

Saturday 7th July

Kerry Cassidy

As organiser of the conference, Kerry Cassidy gave an informal speech (and then a proper presentation later in the day which I will discuss here too) to start off the day where she introduced a fascinating new source named Eddie Page. Cassidy spoke of Page very highly and deems him as a very credible source as a lot of her future visions and dreams corroborate with a lot of the intel that he has given her. As Cassidy discussed him in great detail over the course of the conference I will share the info she gave and that he gave (he was added to the schedule at the last minute and the next day he did a gave a presentation via Skype. I will include the video of that at the end.) here Eddie Page claims that he is half Pleiadian and was one of 33 children placed here on Earth. He provided documents to show that the CIA was aware of his origin and their involvement in this program. With the help of the Vatican in cooperation with the CIA him and his brothers and sisters were placed in famillies. He also claims, his father was Valiant Thor, the same Valiant Thor that the book The Stranger at the Pentagon is based upon and according to Page was considered an elder of the Pleiadian community.

When he was 10 years old he predicted the death of John F. Kennedy and also predicted the destruction of the Twin Towers on 9/11. He also was in the Vietnam War and is a decorated military hero. Significantly, Page lived in Langley for 10 years at the CIA headquarters, along with his brothers and sisters and also worked for the CIA for 10 years. He then went on the run and stole many documents that proved who he was. Cassidy shared some pictures of the documents that he has showed her which she believes adds credibility to his story. He also had his blood tested and has a O Negative blood type which many believe indicates extraterrestrial DNA.

He came out in 1993 and spoke at a conference but then went into hiding again shortly afterwards. One of the most significant pieces of information that he had to share was that there would be another ‘Phonenix Lights‘ type of event in two years time. This Cassidy explained would be “the event of your life” according to him. He also said that there would be some very significant Earth changes over the next while.

Another interesting piece of information that Cassidy shared was that many of the dreams she had been having showed scenarios that were the same as the intel he was giving her. He said that the US would soon be at war with China which Cassidy said she had had a very vivid dream about. She described the dream as very scary and actually saw Chinese soldiers invading America.

Something else that doesn’t seem to be widely known and which could be seen as quite controversial which Page discussed was that the Anunnaki are actually Pleiadian and that the Sumerian language is actually a Pleiadian language.

Later in the day Cassidy gave a proper presentation where she covered much of the interesting intel that she had been given over the years by a number of whistleblowers and also went into a little bit more detail about the genetic tinkering that has occured over the history of the human race. According to Sgt. Robert Dean (or Bob Dean as he is widely known), the Pleiadians were the ones that conducted the primary seeding of the human race. She also explained that she has discovered from all the whistleblowers she has spoken to over the years that the human race is one giant genetic experiment where we contain 12 different races of extraterrestrial DNA. According to Cassidy we are ‘Rainbow Warriors’ and each ET DNA material adds something or some kind of gift to our physical vessel. These ETs are watching this experiment very closely and if we were that easy to control by both the Deep State and Negative ETs then “they would have thrown away the key by now”. Not only this, she also learnt that apparently human females are the best carriers of genetic offspring and to produce hybrids.

“If we were that easy to control, they would have thrown away the key by now”

One very significant piece of information that Cassidy shared that came from one of her whistleblowers Cpt. Mark Richards, was that a race of beings known as the Raptors (because they look very similar to the dinosaur) are now helping humans because their queen looked into their future and saw that in the long run it would be better for their race if they helped humans.

Significantly, according to Cassidy, the secret military base that is in Antarctica is being run by the Anunaki currently. Not only that, another interesting fact about Antarctica that she shared was that many within the Elite actually hold meetings there as it is completely secluded and there is no surveillance there that other factions can use to find out what is being said.

Cassidy also spoke very briefly about the recent leakage of David Wilcock’s resignation letter to Gaia, the online streaming service. She said that she was aware that there had been issues with Gaia for a while and that is why she had never gotten involved with them.

Cassidy presented all the whistleblowers that she had interviewed over the years and explained that many of them had died (some murdered and some had naturally passed away) or had been severely threatened which very much shows the severity and importance of the information they have shared.

Another interesting piece of intel that she shared was that the recent resignations from some of the Trump administration occured because “they can’t handle what is coming”. There is also evidence to suggest that Trump is the reincarnation of General George Patton. She added that it is believed that Trump is taking down the pedophile rings but Cassidy said that she wasn’t so sure if he would be successful.


Charmaine D’Rozario-Saytch

One of the most fascinating presentations given during the conference was given by Charmaine D’Rozario-Saytch who is an ET hybrid with Reptillian, Mantis being, and Lion being DNA. She is also a Reiki Healer and Nutritionist and runs support groups for fellow Hybrids.

She has been having interactions with extraterrestrials since she was a child and in fact the interactions were so frequent that she thought that this was normal and she thought that all children were having similar experiences to her. It was only when she went to school and started to talking to the other children about her experiences that she realised this was not normal and her experiences were in fact very extraordinary.

By the time she reached her 20s she started having very traumatic experiences with the military and this was when things became very difficult for her. She would have helicopters fly around her house and would frequently be abducted. She would also often find herself having missing time or would find unexplained marks on her body. She explains that “the military have always found me”. This became evident to her when she visited Sedona, Arizona and again was abducted by the military.

“The military have always found me.”

She realised she had been abducted because one morning whilst staying in Sedona she had some irritation in her nose which is where one of her implants is located and she ached all over her body. Not only this, but the very next day she found a tennis ball in her car with all her doors locked but with her windows open when she was absolutely sure she had left them closed. This she took as message from the military to say that, yes, they knew she was there.

One of her main messages and something that she tries to make as many aware about as she can is that not all Reptillians are negative and that there are some positive ones. She has had interactions with many positive ones but also interactions with negatives ones too. She did discuss a very traumatic event that happened to her and that was that after being put into the breeding program she was raped by a Repitillian. After that she had a telepathic conversation with him where he apologised for what he had just done to her. Startled, she asked him why had he apologised and he replied that he had been made to do it and that if he didn’t follow orders he could be very easily killed.

She went into a little bit more detail about the breeding program and explained that when you become pregnant in the breeding program you are only pregnant for 2 or 3 months and then the child is taken from you. The woman just acts as an initial incubator, she added. This is what happened to her after this Reptillian encounter and unfortunately she has only seen her child on a few occasions. This is something that has been really distressful for her and talking to her afterwards I could see that she displayed all the motherly love that you would find in a human parent-child relationship as she exclaimed to me that her Reptillian son is “beautiful”.

She says that the breeding program has two aspects to it and there is a program that is run by the secret societies that focuses on bloodlines and one that is run by the military. She stated that one of the purposes of this program is to have children psychic soldiers who will work on certain programs. The advantage of having children carry out certain programs is that they go often go unnoticed, she explained.

Something that she really stressed during her presentation was the difficulties that hybrids experience. According to her, many hybrids suffer from extreme anxiety and often their health is deliberately interfered with. This apparently is stop hybrids from fulfilling their mission here on Earth.

D’Rozario-Saytch now focuses on assisting with the reawakening of humanity. Her organisation, The Galactic Federation (which she named after the group of ETs she is in communication with), asserts that it is devoted to “bridging the divide between humanity, hybrids and aliens”. Her organisation states that they “seek to assist in educating people, bringing people together, the sharing of knowledge, facilitating in the re-awakening of humanity and the re-activation of the mind, body and spirit. Through various means such as services, therapies, workshops, talks, courses, seminars, events, lectures, support groups & help line for those experiencing Alien, Hybrid, Military & Secret Society contact/abduction”.

Peter Paget

I only managed to catch a little bit of Peter Paget’s presentation but what I did catch were a few interesting pieces of information. One fact he did share was that Grey ETs only have four hemispheres. He also stated that you will never see a Grey ET by it’s self. Usually they work in groups of three or four. Another fact he shared is that apparently humans have a much greater number of nerves than most ETs.

One of thing he did state most vehemently was as he put it to “stop being manipulated by manufactured history” and “to know your power”. He finished his presentation with a wonderful statement where he exclaimed:

“I don’t give a damn, I am only 72”.


Tony Topping

Image Credit: Image by Tony Topping (copyright)

The last speaker (but not the least) of the day was Tony Topping, a UFO researcher and contactee who has appeared on various TV and radio shows. He has had over one hundred incidents with UFOs with pictures to support these sightings (you can view more here). Significantly, he has learned from his research from Canada that the Topping name may link to the Rosslyn (or Rose-line) and St Claire bloodline. He has had high strange incidents all his life.

Tony had recently been struggling with the bereavement of his mother who passed away this year and whilst going through this had been viciously attacked by some mysterious agency who want to silence him. He is also an MK Ultra victim and during the time of the conference had been suffering severe sleep deprivation and mental exhaustion due to ongoing attacks against him. He has also had helicopters fly over his house along with jets and Hercules planes due the UFOs continually appearing near his home. He was also deeply saddened to express the fact that his mother had also possibly been targeted whilst she was nearing death and would often say to him that something was frightening her.

He explained that he began having direct experiences with an extraterrestrial race, that he refers to as Marine ETs, after his mother’s death. He stated that this race was very angry that he was experiencing such attacks whilst caring for his mother and that this race was also very angry with the state of Earth and how humans are being controlled. He added that the human race is being biologically altered to understand what is happening here and he also noted that his race has bases here on Earth, in the South Pacific. According to him, ETs have their own judiciary process and that “you can’t just do what you want” in the universe. Tony also spoke briefly about the increases of AI in our society and how they are encouraging people to buy home AI devices such as the Amazon Echo. He explains that these could be working for a higher AI and constantly reading the signature of voices and gathering information on them.

He also shared some of his experiences with unknown agents and how he had been contacted by the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (BfV). He was called up out of the blue by a man named Klaus who worked for the Defence Intelligence Staff for the Security of the Constitution and wanted to know what he knew about regarding UFOs and their AI ability. He then took a second mystery call a week later and looking at the phone number from he saw that it related to particular verse number in the bible that reads “When the king shall call you, will say, What is your occupation?” This is just one example of what Tony explains as a darkly comical circus and the ridiculousness of the harassment he has.

Sunday 8th July

Caz Clarke and Gari Jones

One of the most interesting and intriguing UFO incidents that were spoken about at the conference were presented by speakers Caz Clarke and Gari Jones. Their presentation focused on a UFO incident, which they have dubbed the Pentrych Incident, which was witnessed by Caz Clarke, a resident of Pentrych, Wales and later investigated by Gari Jones of The Swansea UFO Network.

Clarke went into great detail of all the aspects of her experience and her investigations after the incident. As this is a very complex UFO case I will not be able to provide all the details of it here but if you want to read more about this incident you can read it here.

The main event took place on the 26th February 2016 where Clarke, along with some of her neighbours, witnessed a pyramid shaped UFO with lights all along the undercarriage. There were these “barrel” shaped objects that suddenly moved towards them and from above the oak tree that Clarke and her neighbours were standing under, scanned them and then turned to green. Clarke joked that she didn’t know what to do at this point so she waved at them. They then moved away and faded to black. Speaking to Clarke after her presentation, she later explained to me that this experience with the barrel shaped objects made her feel like she had been touched in some way and she didn’t feel any hostility from the beings who were operating this craft. She explained this whole experience as “four minutes that changed my life forever”.

“Four minutes that changed my life forever”

The interesting thing about this case is that there is strong evidence to suggest that the military knew that this craft was going to visit this area. This is evident by the fact that Clarke also witnessed four military planes approach the craft along with three apache helicopters. Not only this, two days before this event there were military aircraft circling this area constantly for two days. Clarke and Jones believe it is in fact possible that there might have been some conflict between the race that was operating the craft and the military.

The military’s involvement didn’t stop there as during the days after the event Clarke witnessed some very suspicious men that were carrying guns and carrying out some exercise in the same area that incident took place. They had set up camp and when Clarke questioned them and asked them who they were, they said that they were working on behalf of the company Vodaphone. Clarke and Jones believe that this was definitely not the case.

Clarke and Jones have gone to great lengths to validate this UFO sighting. One way they have done this is by taking EMF readings along the course that the UFO was seen to have taken. Jones painstakingly did this and got incredibly high readings whilst carrying this out. It is said that an EMF reading of 0.4 is harmful to humans and he got readings of up to 0.7. They also managed to gather evidence on social media of people that witnessed the strange goings-on surrounding this case such as the military airplanes and a strange explosion that happened some hours after the incident. Not only this, Clarke has also undergone a lie detector test that she herself sought in order to prove that she is not in any way lying or fabricating this story. She passed this test which adds credibility to her story and leaves us to consider the implications of this case.


Miles Johnston

Miles Johnston is a UFO researcher and the creator of The Bases Project. His presentation focused on a number of interesting topics, including super soldiers, AI and etheric spiders.

He started off by speaking a little bit about the secret underground base in Peasmore, Berkshire. It is here he claims that they are creating aliens in labs. According to him it was the Nazis that first began creating different biological entities in this way.

He spoke a little bit about Tim Rifat, an expert on psychic warfare. He did for a time work for the Rothschild family but went ‘rogue’ and now has been attacked viciously by the Deep State. He recently had his whole apartment raided as well as flooded. It was discovered that he used a completely sealed iron chamber to remote view in order to protect himself psychically.

Another strange incident Johnston spoke about was an unnamed individual (it was implied that he was a super-soldier) that was taken ill and found to have an alien worm or snake like being embedded into his back and attached to his spine. He was taken to a NHS hospital where they spent nine hours operating to remove this being. A special medical team were flown in from Delta Force as well to help with this operation and thankfully this individual is able to walk again.

Johnston also spoke a little bit about AI and how AI has embedded itself into everyday technology. He explains that our computers actually interact with our consciousness. He also stated that there is a dark matter energy source that has created AI and he added that it has infected Earth. According to him there is a 70 per cent intrusion into our domain. This is also linked to these interdimensional insects and spiders that many have seen. Apparently, Max Spiers (a super soldier that was assassinated) often told Johnston that he would dream of these spiders.

I would like to interject at this point that a very interesting post came out by Cobra where he also informs about these interdimensional spiders that he refers to as the Chimera. You can read more about that here.


Simon Parkes

Simon Parkes, a well-known figure in the UFO and spiritual community, gave a very fascinating presentation as well. He started off his presentation speaking a little bit about the recent resignation of David Wilcock from Gaia and stated that he very much supported Wilcock and admires his work. I would like to interject here that as someone that has been apart of the UFO and spiritual community for now over 7 years, it was really heartwarming to see one very well-known figure come out and support another very prominent figure in this community. So I personally would like to commend Simon Parkes for his support of David Wilcock as this doesn’t happen as much as it should in this community.

Something that Parkes did point out during his presentation was the decreasing popularity of the Pope. He showed a picture to the audience that was not in any media publication that showed the Pope speaking at Cern to an audience with a huge number of empty seats. He explained that in the past it has always been unheard of for the Pope not to sell out at an event. He believes that it must show how people are turning away from religion. He also added that there are a number of arrest warrants that are out for the Pope that have been ordered by Putin and that he is not allowed to go to certain countries.

Another thing that Parkes spoke about was the Mandela Effect. This is where collectively people remember events differently to what is recorded in history and there are several theories of how this is possible which you can read about here. He noted some peculiar examples of this such as how their were originally four people in the car when John. F Kennedy was assassinated but all the pictures of the event show that there were six people. There are even reenactments of the event where they have used a four seater car rather than the six seater that is shown in the pictures. Parkes himself says that he remembered four people in the car and there are countless other people who also argue that they remember that there was four people in the car. Parkes concluded that history is being rewritten before our eyes.

Like many of the other speakers, Parkes has been attacked on a number of occasions and has even had some very close collisions in his car that have seemed to have had a suspicious air about them. During his presentation his voice became weaker and weaker which he claimed was due to being psychically attacked. He said that he was picking up three people who were psychically attacking him.


Maria Wheatley

Maria Wheatley is an expert doswer and a leading authority on ley lines and energy spots on Earth. She also runs sacred site tours and runs courses on dowsing, Tarot, Past Life regression and Druid Astrology. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to catch the whole of Maria’s presentation but what I did catch was incredibly interesting.

She spoke a little bit about the ancient sites on Malta and she explained that all the temples are dedicated to the Goddess. She also explained that in England we have two dominant ley lines that are known as the Mary and Michael lines and they actually intertwine with each other.

She also mentioned the idea that the ley lines of Earth should be looked at as current of energy that run through the earth.

According to her Henrich Himmler, the famous Nazi, was very interested in dowsing and practiced it often. She added that he tried to manipulate earth energies and this was something that he focused a lot of energy on.


Eddie Page

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