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5 Manifestation Techniques To Fast-Track The Manifestation Process

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We have all heard of manifestation by now!

It’s the latest buzzword and is even being used by entrepreneurs who don’t necessarily affiliate themselves with spirituality.

But how does manifestation work and how can you fast-track your manifestations so that they show up even quicker in your reality? 

Let me show you five effective manifestation techniques to help you easily utilise the power of the law of attraction.

Let’s dive in!

How Does Manifestation Work?

Although the word manifestation is tossed around quite a lot and on the surface can look relatively superficial, I believe it is actually a deeply spiritual process and something that we regularly do on our spiritual path.

You see, there is a bit of a misconception about manifestation. It is not actually about attracting. It is actually about ‘becoming’ and we get to choose who we become and what our reality looks like. 

The truth is that we are always manifesting even if we aren’t conscious of it. However, when we get into the art or process of manifestation we just decide that we actually want to take authority over how our reality looks and feels. 

This is the point when we start to actively try to manifest and do the methods that I will list below. 

However, if we really want to change our current reality, we have to firstly do the inner work and change the story that is playing in our mind and secondly, we have to begin to raise our vibration so that we are an energetic match to a more favourable reality.

Why Raising Your Vibration & Getting into Alignment is Essential 

Before discussing various manifestation methods it is essential that I stress the importance of raising your vibration. 

If you are stuck living in a low vibration, then your reality will be an energetic match for that reality. As such, it is essential to develop spiritual practices that help you get into alignment and help you to feel joy. 

And these don’t have to be spiritual practices, they can be anything that help you to feel more joy and love in your life. This could be painting, dancing, walking in nature, gardening etc. 

Live in the Now

The other important aspect of manifestation is focusing on the here and now. It is very important that you focus bringing your manifestations into the current reality and not use future tense language. 

For example, if you wanted to focus on moving to a bigger house. You would say something along the lines ‘I love this beautiful house that I live in which meets all of my needs’ instead of ‘I will soon move into the house of my dreams’. 

If you were to repeatedly say the latter, that manifestation will always remain in a future reality and will never end up in your present reality. Remember time is an illusion and everything is actually happening in the here and now. 

It is also particularly useful to thank the Universe for what you wish to manifest. Gratitude carries a powerful energy which the Universe responds to promptly. 

5 Different Manifestation Techniques to Try

Try these five different manifestation techniques to help fast-track your manifestations into your reality. 

1. Meditation

This is an incredibly underrated and powerful manifestation technique. What’s more, its power is two-fold. It both heightens your vibration so that you become an energetic match for what you are trying to manifest and secondly, you can use it to visualise how you want your life to be. 

What I like to do is to focus on how you want your life to be as if it is happening in the here and now. So what you could do is visualise a day in your dream life. Imagine yourself in your dream home and doing your dream job or whatever it is that you wish to bring into your life.

Watch yourself as you expand and grow. Feel that feeling of fulfilment and happiness. 

What this exercise does, is help us to quantum jump into another reality. You are literally bringing that experience into the here and now. Remember, that this reality and time is an illusion and is a lot more malleable than we realise. This is why manifestation is possible!

2. Manifestation Journaling

To me, journaling is an essential part of the manifestation process. Without sitting down and writing out your goals and thinking about what you wish to bring into your life, your manifestation journey could end up messy and unstructured. 

What’s more, regular manifestation journaling helps to keep you on track with, not only your manifestation practices but also your spiritual practices that keep your vibration high. 

So how do you use a journal to manifest? Firstly, I would recommend getting a copy of the My Manifestation Journal. This journal has literally everything you need to get started with Manifestation Journaling.

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This journal includes pages for:

  • Writing down your manifestation goals
  • Manifestation techniques
  • Affirmations
  • 369 method pages
  • 5×55 method pages
  • Scripting journaling pages
  • Personal development pages that help you get to the bottom of limiting beliefs
  • Monthly & weekly manifestation tracker and planner

In short, this journal will guide you through the manifestation process and help you to keep up your practices all year long!

It also contains a 30-day manifestation challenge, a miracle tracker and a vision board page.

I find the manifestation tracker and calendar particularly helpful as it helps me to keep track of my manifestations and daily spiritual practices.

If you are like me and find you often fall off the manifestation wagon after a month or two, then this journal is for you.

At the moment, I am using this journal for myself as it really helps me to stay focussed on my manifestation and spiritual path. 

Get it below for £7.80 or $9.99.

Let’s discuss some various manifestation journaling methods for you to try.


Scripting is the process of writing about what you wish to manifest but as if you already have it in the here and now. You could try scripting in the form of writing a diary entry or as if you were writing a letter to your friend. 

Goal Setting

This includes writing a list of goals and things you wish to manifest. This can be great for working out your manifestations one by one and action steps you can take to bring yourself closer to this goal. 

Think of it like this, goal setting is the physical side of manifestation. This process helps to keep your eye on the ball and what you physically need to do to accomplish your goals. Manifestation, on the other hand, is the energetic side of this process. Both support each other and both are essential for manifestation to be successful.

Tracking & Reviewing

One of the common problems most people have when it comes to manifestation is that individuals struggle to do the necessary practices regularly. Tracking and reviewing your spiritual and manifestation practices will help to ensure that you keep up this process. Manifestation journaling is one method that can help to keep you on track. 

Again, My Manifestation Journal is excellent for this as it comes with pages for reviewing and tracking manifestations and practices throughout the year. As it works a bit like a planner as well as a journal, there are regular reminders to complete your spiritual practices.

3. Vision Board

Use a vision board to visually plan out your goals and dreams. A vision board is very effective as it is something you hang in your home and you will look at every day. 

To learn how you can create an effective vision board check out my blog post How To Make A Vision Board That Manifests Your Dream Life.

4. 369 Method

The 396 method is where you write down a statement relating to one of your goals three times in the morning, six times in the afternoon and nine times in the evening. 

This helps to solidify your manifestation and helps to send a clear message out to the Universe. Repetition is a powerful tool. 

It is, of course, essential that you write this statement in the present tense. 

5. Positive Affirmations

Positive affirmations are another underrated but incredibly powerful manifestation tool. This is because they both raise your vibration and help to reprogram your mind. 

For example, if you were to say “I radiate love and gratitude” repeatedly, can you imagine how that might reorientate your mind to think more positively?

Affirmations that are repeated over and over can be very healing. Try it for yourself and see!

Here are some effective manifestation affirmations below!

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Manifest Your Dream Life

The most crucial aspect of manifestation is not so much the techniques but the energy you maintain on an everyday basis.

In order successfully manifest, you need to live as if you have already manifested and as if you are already living your dream life.

This is the secret and as such the manifestation techniques should be here to support this process. Wishing you the best of luck in manifesting your dream life and don’t forget to a copy of the My Manifestation Journal to support this process!

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