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What is Ascension And What Will Happen To Us Once We Ascend?

Angel wings depicting ascension

For the last few years, the spiritual movement has been abuzz with the idea of ascension. You couldn’t read a spiritual book, blog or even listen to a podcast that dealt with spirituality without the word ascension springing up somewhere. 

what is Ascension and if we ‘Ascend’ what does it mean for us?

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The concept of ascension is that both humanity and our planet are going through a huge energetic shift that will transform our abilities and even the nature of reality here on Earth. It will lead to societal changes, advances in technology and also changes to our psychic and perhaps physical abilities. This could be anything from levitation and telepathy (as David Wilcock suggests) to clairvoyance and heightened intuitive abilities. 

It is believed that this energetic upgrade would be triggered by either an energetic pulse from the galactic central sun or a solar flash from our own sun. 

It is also believed that we will cease to live in the third dimension and begin to start living in the fifth dimension – a higher and more enlightened place of existence. The move into the fifth dimension would mark the beginning of a golden age of truth and prosperity. The suffering, starvation and poverty that is normal to us now on Earth would cease to exist.

This is the basic idea of ascension and a perspective that is very popular in the spiritual community. However, it is important to remember that it is completely unknown what could happen to us once we ascend and if indeed we will actually ascend…

(If you want to find more out about ascension I highly recommend checking out either David Wilcock’s work or my dear friend and soul sister’s work Ananja Michell of Pleiadian Healing Center.)

My perspective of ascension and what will happen to us once we ascend

So here is my take on it…

Whilst I do undoubtedly believe that we are going through a huge energetic shift and upgrade both as a planet and as a race, I take a slightly more grounded approach to this topic. 

I believe that the energetic upgrades we are experiencing are subtle and that our bodies will naturally climatise to them as this shift accelerates. I personally do not believe that we will get outlandish superpowers like levitation. However, I do definitely believe that we will gain forms of telepathy, telekinesis as well as increased intuitive abilities! (That is definitely something to look forward to!)

I think it is also absolutely possible that there could be some big event like a solar flash that accelerates the ascension process (I say accelerate as it has already started) but my intuition tells me that it will be subtle pulses of light from both the sun and our galactic center that will contribute to our collective spiritual awakening rather than anything else. 

I used to believe that the ascension process would almost be this instantaneous event which would be triggered by this huge and unstoppable wave of energy. I even believed that 2012 could have been the year that such a thing happened! 2012 came and went and nothing particularly major happened and year after year when I thought something big would happen, nothing really did.

This made me realise that the ascension process would generally be gradual and undisruptive. Heck, maybe it will only even happen in our children’s lives!

Why I believe Ascension Will Be Different To What people Expect

So now let me explain why I believe ascension will be a much quieter affair than what some figures in the spiritual community believe.

Something I have realised about the way this planet operates is that changes and shifts in consciousness are always slow and gradual. I believe this has something to do with how dense our reality is. Nothing ever happens overnight and nothing is instantaneous. Therefore, I believe that ascension will work in the same way. 

A few years ago I wrote an article detailing all the times in history where huge transformations in consciousness took place. (You can read it here: Could Cosmic Energy Be Responsible For Human Evolution? A Closer Look At Human History)I believe that at all these various points in history there was a shift in energy on our planet which resulted in gradual positive change and right now we are at a similar, but perhaps more intense, peak.

In some ways, I see the term ascension as a metaphorical term for the shift in consciousness and energy that is happening on our planet. Every day we are evolving, rising up, and more of us are deciding that we want to live a life guided by love and compassion for others.

I believe that the Divine has orchestrated and is orchestrating the ascension process in a way that humanity can easily align and flow with.

However, I do believe that over the next few years there will be some big revelations that might accelerate the awakening process and it is possible that things could rapidly change on our planet at a societal level.

If you have been paying attention to the news, you will see that UFOs have been spoken about a lot recently with the Pentagon even releasing footage of them. I am not sure about you but to me, it seems that this is a gentle nod from government departments that Extraterrestrial life exists and has already even visited Earth. 

Are we being prepared for perhaps bigger revelations? Or perhaps even being prepared for an official announcement on the existence of Extraterrestrial life? What would be the consequences of such an announcement and how would this change the way we live? 

So you see, things on our planet could change very rapidly in a short space of time.

To those of us who are well versed in spiritual literature, the idea that UFOs and Extraterrestrial life exist is nothing new. But to many, it could come as a huge shock and could change the way we live forever.

Is the Sun Aiding Our Ascension?

According to David Wilcock, we are also experiencing increased solar activity. Could this be assisting our awakening and the transformation of our planet at this time?

Egyptian Ankh
Egyptian Ankh

If we look back to Ancient Egypt, we can see the Sun played a huge role in the religious beliefs of the Ancient Egyptians. To them, the Sun was a giver of life and nourished the land, helping the crops to grow.

The significance of the Sun god Ra shows us exactly how important the Sun was to the Ancient Egyptians.

But perhaps, they understood its powers in helping to elevate consciousness too? Perhaps this is why so many gods, goddesses are often depicted with a sun disc on their heads. It suggests there is a connection between consciousness and the sun.

alt="Goddess Sekhmet with a sun disc on her head"
The Goddess Sekhmet with the a Sun disc on her head
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What will happen in the next few years and what should we expect?

I am not sure about you, but for the last few years, the energy here on Earth has felt like that of a pressure cooker. The amount of political upheaval and chaos that we have experienced collectively has been incomparable to anything that we have experienced in decades. I believe this due to ascension.

The energy is rising, forcing us to acknowledge our shadow and bringing anything that needs to be healed to the surface. We are purging our collective shadow so that we can move forward and create the New Earth.

There will be lots of healing to do over the next few years as we purge the systems, behaviours and attitudes that no longer serve us. However, I believe that we will be able to heal. And once we heal and move forward, we can create a beautiful world where the wellbeing of humans, animals and nature are always prioritised.

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