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8 Inspirational Internet Personalities That Are Making A Change In The World

Before the internet, if you wanted a large audience to hear what you had to say, you would need to go through traditional media routes. The problem with is was that certain media channels and outlets would decide whether your material was worthy to broadcast or publish and you would also be obliged to produce material that was in keeping with the tone or ethos of that particular media outlet.

Now, with the internet however, it has become incredibly easy for individuals with meaningful messages or fascinating information to come forward, deliver their message and gain popularity by using the internet as a platform. This has meant that inspiring and creative individuals such as the ones listed below, who would have ordinarily remained unknown to most of us, have been able to build up a following and gain popularity by simply doing what they are inspired to do.

I felt inspired to write this article because I wanted to share a list of people who have inspired me, taught me and who have made me think a little bit harder about things. All of the people I have written about here are brave and admirable individuals who are creating ripples of change in the world by the messages they are communicating, the knowledge they are teaching, and the examples they are setting. I have learnt incredible lessons from each and every one of them and I hope that those of you reading this will delve a little deeper into what they have to say and learn something from them too.


  1. Teal Swan (The Spiritual Catalyst)


Physically and sexually abused from an early age, Teal Swan has overcome incredible challenges in her life as well as severe psychological trauma. Using her negative and traumatic experiences for spiritual learning and growth, she has completely transformed herself into a renowned and respected spiritual teacher who reaches thousands of people around the world.

Her Youtube channel currently has over 200,000 subscribers and her videos have over 21 million views. In her videos she discusses a wide range of topics including health, consciousness, spirituality, energy, relationships and just about any topic you can think of relating to human life. She is known to many as the Spiritual Catalyst as her messages encourage growth and learning as well as provide a spiritual perspective on everyday life matters. Her transformation from a broken and abused teenager to an enlightened confident spiritual teacher I believe shows anyone that growth can be achieved and gives hope to anyone who does not want their past to determine their future.


  1. David Wilcock


David Wilcock is a pioneer in the field of metaphysics, esoteric science, and the secrets of ancient civilisations. He is the author of three books The Source Field Investigations, The Synchronicity Key, and The Ascension Mysteries, the host of his own show Wisdom Teachings (aired on Giam TV) as well as an expert on geopolitics and the control secret cabals of power have on humanity.

His spiritual awakening began at a young age when he realised he had Extra Sensory Perception (ESP) and began to have unusual telepathic and out-of-body experiences. Since that time, he has gone on to have experiences with UFOs and established a strong connection with his higher self which he believes was a turning point in his life. He also believes himself to be the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce (a famous clairvoyant that lived in the beginning of the 20th century) which many suggest is evident by his uncanny facial similarity to him and similarity in astrological birth charts.

Wilcock currently concentrates on writing about geopolitical events and the downfall of the secret elite from information he gathers from inside sources at intelligence agencies. He believes that both Earth and humanity are about to enter a new and more positive phase which he gives evidence for by looking at information that ancient civilisations recorded and scientific evidence of leaps in our evolution. He bears messages of hope for humanity and has provided a wealth of knowledge free on his website for anyone wishing to advance their knowledge of science and consciousness.


  1. Luke Rudkowski


Luke Rudkowski is the founder and creator of We Are Change, an organisation that aims to cover stories and provide information that the mainstream media avoid. His main information outlet is through his Youtube channel which currently has over 200,000 subscribers.

What makes Rudkowski’s journalism style particularly unique is that he uses a range of different techniques to deliver the truth to his audience. Many are quite radical and unconventional but nonetheless shed some light on what is really going on in the world. His most famous technique is confronting those in power, where he tracks down Bilderberg attendees (a conference where the most rich and powerful people attend that is not reported on by the media), Bohemian Grove attendees (a secret retreat where again the most rich and powerful attend) or you could say anyone in a position of power and confronts them on that which they wish to hide from the public.

It is in this way that Rukowski proves his bravery and determination in exposing corrupt and powerful individuals. Furthermore, not only is he dedicated to delivering the truth but also creates videos that aim to inspire his audience to create change and follow in his footsteps.


  1. Kerry Cassidy


Kerry Cassidy is an independent journalist and a cofounder of Project Camelot, an organisation that gathers testimony from whistleblowers, particularly those who have had experience working in Black Operations.

Cassidy’s adopts an almost raw style to collecting witness testimony, often interviewing whistleblowers in an impromptu manner, and where her only support is her camcorder and a list of questions. In addition, her interview style is considered pretty direct, asking to-the-point questions and throwing a curveball every now and again to get straight to the truth. She is not afraid to delve deep into topics that could make the plot for the most amazing science fiction movie you could imagine and after listening to her interviews you will find yourself questioning the things you once thought you knew.

Due to the secrecy around the topics and information the whistleblowers discuss with her, she has had numerous attempts on her life. However, despite these attempts, she still continues to risk her life by striving to get the truth out and disclose important information to the public regarding the goings on of governments and secret military agencies.


  1. Jordan David Pearce


Jordan David Pearce is the creator of the Spirit Science Youtube series, an animation based on the character Patch Man who discusses topics such as sacred geometry, chakras, astrology and other matters related to the spirit or science.

The Spirit Science YouTube channel currently has just fewer than 500,000 subscribers and is particularly renowned for bringing forward information on geometric patterns that are repeatedly found in nature and the Universe (this is known to many as sacred geometry). He also explains how these special geometric patterns and the power that they hold were known to numerous ancient civilisations. Pearce uses this information to illustrate the idea that there is some natural order to the universe which is inherently divine.

At only 24 years old and completing all the animations himself, Pearce has created a masterpiece. The information that he discusses has helped to create massive awareness on the connectedness of the Universe and how geometry can reveal to us the secrets of the universe.


  1. Matthew Silver


Matthew Silver is a street artist that currently lives and does his performances in New York. To many, he would seem like a lunatic, running around naked making chicken sounds and shouting “love is the answer”. But to those of us who are crazy enough to recognise his genius, he is a creative and bold man who communicates the importance and power of love.

He reminds us that it is ok to act a little crazy now and again and reminds us that it is also ok not to conform. I believe that the world needs someone like Matthew Silver to show us how rigid society has become and how fearful we have become of behaviour that is not considered ‘socially acceptable’. Let’s dare to express ourselves as Matthew Silver does.

  1. Darryl Anka – Bashar

Probably the most extraordinary internet personality on our list is Bashar, an Extra Terrestrial (yes an ET!) from a parallel reality who delivers information through a channel named Darryl Anka. I know that might sound a little strange or unbelievable to some but rather than judging it, I would ask you to concentrate purely on the information he delivers. Whether the information comes from an ET or Anka himself, it is hard to deny that what he says incredibly profound and spiritually enlightening.

After experimenting with channelling and after some experiences of seeing UFOs, Darryl Anka began to channel Bashar in 1984. It is important to note that Darryl Anka does not insist that the information he channels comes from an ET and has not ruled out that the possibility that information could be coming from his own consciousness, he rather encourages people to concentrate on the information itself and assess whether or not it is helpful to them.

Bashar provides incredible insights into the nature of the Universe, how we may follow our path, how we might understand the things that happen to us in life and how we can create the life that we want. It is up to the listener to decide where this information comes from. I believe the important thing is how relevant the information is and if you can apply it to your own life.

Bashar’s main message is to align with one’s self, being purely authentic with yourself and following your highest excitement. Bashar explains that when one is being their true self and following their highest excitement the Universe aligns in allowing them to do this and synchronicity will immediately follow.

  1. Graham Hancock

Not exactly an internet personality, but an incredible author, lecturer and public speaker. Graham Hancock writes and speaks about a wide and diverse range of topics including the benefits of using psychedelics, ancient civilisations and the evidence of a lost civilisation. He has written for the Economist and published a series of both fiction and non-fiction books such as The Sign and the Seal, Fingerprints of the Gods, The Message of the Sphinx, Entangled and War God.

He has become most recently famous for his advocacy of the use of psychedelics (particularly the shamanic brew Ayahuasca) for spiritual growth, mental wellbeing and for the relievement of traumatic experiences or addictions. He criticises current drug laws and cultural perceptions on altered mind states, arguing that it is an adult’s sovereign right to make a decision to alter their mind state and it is not the place of any government to prevent us from doing so. His argument is fuelled by the understanding of the good that psychedelics can do and his own experiences in overcoming difficulties in his life by using Ayahuasca and DMT. He has been a key figure in raising awareness on psychedelics as well as helping to create a change of perception around them.

There is substantial evidence to show that the majority of those who have taken certain psychedelics, most notably Ayahuasca and psylocibin mushrooms, have found it to be an incredibly healing and life changing experience. Armed with this evidence, Hancock asserts that these psychedelics should be more accessible to more people (however consumption should be conducted in the right way) and drug laws should be reformed to allow for the consumption of these plant medicines.

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  1. Alexander Boyd

    I commend your diverse choice. Use discernment since some ‘lightworkers’ have been co-opted, especially in the ‘new age’ movement. For instance I do not subscribe to the ‘Blue Avian’ saga that DW & Cory Goode espouse; but you must do your own research.

  2. mind~heart~soul~spark

    Intriguing selection of personalities, thank you for sharing. I feel blessed to already be well-versed with Teal Swan’s work and am really excited to explore more about the others now 🙂

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