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The Mystery of Divine Feminine Energy and How to Connect With It

The power of the Divine Feminine is rising again. She has made her return to our lives over the last few decades as she reaches out to those with eyes who see her.

Her power lies in her gentle and nurturing qualities. She is powerful yet gentle and firm yet empathetic.

Her coming marks a rebalancing of energy that is taking place in our world right now. The Dark Masculine (different to the Divine Masculine) that favours the energies of competition, ego and greed who had once our planet in its grip, is starting to retreat. The Divine Feminine has re-emerged and will no longer be silent.

Right now we are being asked to work with her loving and gentle energy in order to build a society where peace, harmony, and compassion are upheld. She is ready to stand beside the Divine Masculine so that they may work together in unity and balance.

What is the Divine Feminine & What is its Definition?

Roses are a symbol of the Divine Feminine

The Divine Feminine has different meanings to many different people. Some characterise her as a Goddess and an energy that was embodied by all the different goddesses from different ancient civilisations.

Others think of her as an aspect of a Universal Consciousness that many like to call Source, God or the Infinite Creator. They believe that the Universe consists of ‘Feminine’ and ‘Masculine’ energy and that these two energies keep coming together in nature to lovingly create.

I like to think of her as both of these definitions. She is both a goddess and a force within nature – a goddess who has been reincarnated in many different forms, in different cultures and at different times. All goddesses have drawn upon her strength and have been a reminder of the nurturing, compassionate, intuitive and creative forces of our universe.

She can be seen in the eyes of a mother who sees her newborn baby for the first time. She can be seen in a woman who is trying to find the power of her voice.  She can be seen in the workings of Mother Earth and Nature. And she can also be seen in a man who takes up his role as a compassionate leader, a loving father, a respectful husband or a kind son.

It seems that there is not just one simple definition of the Divine Feminine but rather a flexible understanding of her. Nevertheless, her strength and power remain in all living things.

What is Divine Feminine Energy? (Shiva and Shakti)

Whereas Divine Masculine energy is expansive and outwardly directed, Divine Feminine energy is receptive and inwardly directed. This can also be thought of as Shiva (Divine Masculine) and Shakti (Divine Feminine) energy.

Shiva and Shakti

Some of the qualities of Divine Feminine energy include:

  • Intuition
  • Creativity
  • Nurturing
  • Wisdom
  • Sensuality
  • Compassion
  • Receptivity

This energy has been revered since ancient times in the form of the Goddess. The legacy of goddesses that ancient cultures have left us proves that the loving and nurturing energy of the Goddess was respected and venerated – whether we are talking about the maternal love of Isis, the sensuality of Aphrodite or the regenerative powers of Kali.

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The Difference Between the Divine Feminine & Dark Feminine

The Dark Feminine, also known as the Shadow Feminine, is pretty much what it says on the tin! It is the inversion of the Divine Feminine, the darker path that a woman could take if she chose to.

The Dark Feminine can be characterised in these ways:

  • Manipulation
  • Dependency
  • Selfishness
  • Misuse of sexual energy
  • Negative sexual seduction
  • Unbalanced emotional and rationality

Each woman must choose which path would she like to embody that of the Divine Feminine or that of the Dark Feminine. And of course, that is not to say that we should be or are perfect. We all have shadow elements to our being but is learning to master those aspects of ourselves that really marks our spiritual growth. Recognise the shadow and recognise the Light!

The Return of the Divine Feminine

Right now the Divine Feminine is returning to our society where greater equality between men and women is being established. At this moment, we have more female leaders than we ever have done in the history of our planet. And not only this, but both men and women are beginning to lead with compassion and heart-felt thinking.

Respect and love for our Mother Earth has also taken its place in the collective consciousness of humanity with great moves being made to protect Earth and her inhabitants.

The priestesses of ancient times that tended the temples of Ancient Greece, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Sumer, and India have been reborn at this time to again channel the energies of the Divine Feminine. They come with many gifts and talents that they have collected over the course of many lifetimes and now again act as a medium between the Divine and this realm. Perhaps you, the reader, might be one of them!

And this does not in any way exclude men. Men, who have balanced their masculine and feminine energies, are fulfilling a similar role by harnessing the energy of the Divine Feminine. These men are not only strong and protective but caring, sensitive and empathetic.

Now is the time to connect with the gentle strength of the Goddess and be a channel for her.  

How Can We Connect to the Divine Feminine?

There are many ways you can connect with this energy and it really comes down to personal preference.

Connecting with my Divine Feminine

1. Dancing

Dancing can be a wonderful way of tapping into your feminine and sensual energy. Through dancing, we become more connected to our body and to the kundalini energy that lies dormant at the base of our spine. Doing an intuitive dance alone or with friends can help you to connect with this energy.

2. Tracking Your Menstrual Cycle

Keeping track of your cycle can help you to understand more about the rhythm of your body. You could use a diary, journal or app to help you to do this.

It might also be interesting to track your cycle with the cycle of the moon. Find out if you start menstruating on a full moon (Red Moon Cycle) or a new moon (White Moon Cycle).

I also really recommend reading the book Wild Power: Discover the Magic of Your Menstrual Cycle and Awaken The Feminine if you want to learn more about the wisdom of your body. Our bodies are intelligent and wise and always have something to communicate to us. We just need to discover how it communicates with us.

3. Self-Care

Caring for ourselves and our body allows us to tap into the nurturing aspect of the Divine Feminine. It also connects us to that Venusian energy of luxury, beauty, and pleasure that we could say is very epitome of Goddess energy.

Self-care acts that connect you to the Sacred Feminine could be: a warm bath with essential oils and Epsom salts, a beauty ritual, meditation or clearing the energy of your personal space. Whatever makes you feel refreshed and nurtured!

4. Goddess Ritual or Meditation

Another way you can connect with the Divine Feminine is to do a Goddess ritual or meditation. Now, this could be invoking a goddess to work with, support or connect with you. It could also be a meditation where you channel the energies of the Divine Feminine. If you want to find a Goddess to work with, then have a look at the list below to find one that resonates with you.

5. Starting or Attending a Women’s Circle

Finding or building a community of like-minded women can really help to strengthen your relationship with feminine energy. I have found that attending or creating women’s circles can help to build this type of supportive and loving community. It can also be very healing to communicate and share the things that are happening in your life with other women. The feeling of sisterhood with other women is incredibly healing, there is no doubt about that!

Now is the time for women to come together and support each other. The time of jealousy, competition, and rivalry amongst women needs to come to an end and is coming to an end.

6. Yoni Steaming

Yoni steaming is a ritual that has been found to be practiced in many different cultures and communities all over the world. It is something that is not only a wonderful self-care practice but also has some incredible health benefits.

Raya from WombLove describes Yoni steaming as: “a time-honoured holistic remedy that brings a woman back into alignment with herself on an emotional, mental, physical and spiritual level.” She continues to explain that the practice involves: “sitting over a pot of herbal infused steam, and allowing the volatile oils and warmth to permeate the perineum, bringing warmth, stimulation and a sense of deep unwind to this often very tense part of a woman’s body.”

7. Connecting with Nature

In nature, you can feel the presence of Gaia, our Mother Nature. Connecting with her consciousness and her energy, helps you to connect to the vital life force of our Earth.

You can connect with her in the form of a meditation in nature, or you can simply just do some grounding with your bare feet on the Earth. However you choose to connect with her, try to communicate with her in some way. Do something to show her that you are grateful for all the sustenance that she gives you.

Symbols of The Divine Feminine & Archetypes

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There are many symbols of the Divine Feminine; some of them are figures of the Goddess and some are archetypes. I will be looking at the triple goddess, female archetypes in the Tarot and Goddesses from all around the world. Let’s delve in!

The Triple Goddess: What is It?

The Triple Goddess is the path through which women experience life. Each goddess is an aspect of womanhood that every woman will progress through (and this also goes for women who do not have children). They also relate to the cycles of nature and the phases of the moon.

The Maiden

The maiden goddess is the younger aspect of the Goddess. She has yet to come into her power as a sexual and creative woman and is instead enjoying the freedom and innocence of youth. She represents the early life of nature and is celebrated during Imbolc (1st Feburary) and Ostara (Spring Equinox). Her symbol is the waxing new moon.

The Mother

The Mother Goddess is the sexually awakened female who embodies the fertility of nature. She also represents the more nurturing and creative aspects of feminine power. Much like a mother, she sustains and nurtures life so that it may reach its full potential. However, despite her name, she is not just merely a mother but a woman who embodies sensuality, wisdom, and confidence. She is celebrated at Beltane (1st May) and Litha (Summer Solstice). Her symbol is the full moon.

The Crone

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The Crone represents the end of a cycle and in a sexual sense, is often associated with the end of menstruation and the onset of menopause. She is often depicted as a haggard old woman who has seen her days of fertility and sexuality come to an end. Having said that, there is immense power in the symbol of The Crone, as she has had the advantage of living a long life and has accumulated wisdom that only time can give. As such, she represents wisdom, knowledge, and intuition.

She reminds us of our impermanence on this mortal coil and the eternal truth that we cannot escape, which is that all things must come to an end. She is celebrated at Samhain (Halloween) and the Winter Solstice. Her symbol is the waning moon.

Female Archetypes in the Tarot

The High Priestess

The High Priestess represents the veil between the material and etheric realms. As such, she is the meeting point between two worlds and to cross into the other world one must be initiated first.

She also represents intuition, sacred knowledge and connection to the Divine within the Tarot. She possesses many secrets but she is careful as to whom she shares them with.

The Empress

The Empress depicts the Divine Mother – a creative and loving force within the Universe. She is often presented as a full-figured woman who is loving, caring and peaceful. She is associated with the greenery of Earth as well as the abundance of life.

In the Tarot, she signifies sensuality, pregnancy, Sacred Feminine power, and creativity. Together, the Empress and the Emperor represent Divine Union.

Ancient Goddesses

Now we move on to our goddesses. I have chosen all of these goddesses because I believe that each of them represents an aspect or archetype of the Divine Feminine. You could also think of these goddesses as each possessing a power or gift that women can give to the world. Perhaps you will find that you particularly resonate with one or more of these goddesses or identify with their archetype.


alt="goddess brigid"

The goddess Brigid originates from ancient Gaelic Ireland. She represents new life and is celebrated at Imbolc (1st February). She is a symbol of nature in its maiden aspect and signifies the renewal of life at the beginning of the year.

She is also a friend of poets and smithcrafts and those who are in a creative line of work. You can call upon Brigid to help inspire you if you are struggling in your creative endeavours.


alt="venus aphrodite"

Aphrodite’s origin extends far back before Ancient Greece, to the ancient Sumerian religious cult of Ishtar- the goddess from which she was derived from. And, of course, she was later known as Venus in ancient Rome. She is the goddess of love, beauty and female sexuality. Aphrodite symbolises a confident and sexual woman who is unafraid to be sensual or sexy.

She represents luxury, self-care and helps those who call upon her to love themselves. You can call upon Aphrodite if you are struggling with your love life or your feelings of self-worth.


Isis orginates from Ancient Egypt and was also worshipped in some parts of Greece. She was considered by the Ancient Egyptians as the Divine Mother who protected the Pharoh from harm as well as the lands of Egypt. She possessed many magical gifts and was even thought to be the most powerful of all goddesses.

Isis represents motherly love, protection, and creative power. She acts as a symbol of the unwavering love a mother has for her children and is often presented in artwork as nursing her son Horus. You can call upon her if you are trying to conceive a child or to assist with childbirth.



Another Grecian goddess who I think is particularly interesting is Persephone, also known as Queen of the Underworld. That sounds rather scary, doesn’t it? However, as she is also a goddess of springtime and fertility, I like to think of Peresphone as more a symbol of duality. She was said to live half of the year with her husband Hades in the Underworld and the other half tending to the fertility of Earth.

Like how we saw with the Crone, Persephone reminds us of the impermanence of life and that within the constant cycles of nature there is both death and life.


Shakti is probably the most important goddess of the Hindu religion. As I mentioned earlier, she is considered as an aspect of Cosmic energy – a force within the Universe. Shakti is both a creative force as well as a destructive one. Nevertheless, with her husband the god Shiva, they maintain balance within the Universe and, like how we saw with the archetypes the Emperor and Empress in the Tarot, together symbolise Divine Union.

She is a symbol of power and strength but significantly also of maternal love and marital stability. She is the great creatrix through which dynamic forces flow through the universe.



Pachamama is a goddess who belongs to the legends of the Inca. She was and is still revered today as the goddess of the Earth and her name actually translates to ‘World Mother’.

She symbolises the life force of Earth and nature. The Inca people believed that she was present within the mountains, lakes, trees, and earth. Volcanoes and earthquakes are thought to be her response when humans took too much from the planet. You can connect with her energy by going into nature.

How Will You Work With Her Energy?

Now we have covered all the aspects and archetypes of the Divine Feminine as well as how we can connect with this energy, it is time to think about how you will work with the Sacred Feminine in your own life.

I believe it is time for her to re-emerge and become a leading force in our world. She has so much wisdom to give us, if only we could just listen to her. But, balance between Masculine and Feminine energies, I believe, is starting to come forth. It has been a slow journey but now in the 21st century, we are starting to see progress.

As more of us begin to work with the gentle and loving energy of the Divine Feminine, she will become an unstoppable force within our world. And, side by side with the Divine Masculine, again we will have Divine Union upon Earth.

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The Mystery of Divine Feminine Energy and How to Connect With It
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