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Does your period Align With A Red Moon Cycle or a White Moon Cycle?

It has long been known that a link exists between a woman’s menstrual cycle and the cycle of the moon. What’s more, as a result of this link, the moon is perceived as a symbol of femininity and the Divine Feminine.

The connection between a woman’s body and the moon becomes even more obvious when we consider the fact that the moon’s complete cycle length is 28 days – the exact same typical length as a woman’s menstrual cycle!

However, despite this intricate connection between the feminine and the moon, most women are clueless about how the moon’s cycles connect with their own rhythms.

Well, what if I were to tell you that finding out the moon phase your period falls on can tell you a great deal about where you currently find yourself in life?

You have probably noticed that from time to time your menstrual cycle shifts and changes. Sometimes it is longer or shorter and sometimes the symptoms can also vary. But have you ever realised that your period synchronises with different moon cycles depending on the energy you are projecting?

There are four different moon cycles a woman can synchronise with: White Moon Cycle, Red Moon Cycle, Pink Moon Cycle and Purple Moon Cycle. Each has its own meanings and energetic differences.

Let’s explore an overview of these four different moon cycles. Take a look at the infographic below.

alt="Infographic explaining the four main moon cycles a woman can synchronise with: White Moon cycle, Red Moon cycle, Pink Moon cycle, Purple Moon cycle."

As you see in the image above there are four different cycles you can align with and in a moment I will go into a bit more detail about each one. However, at this point, I would like to note that no moon cycle (red, white, pink etc.) is better or worse than any other cycle and as long as you are happy with your menstrual cycle and feel that it is healthy, then that is what is most important.

How to find out which moon cycle your period has Synchronised with

There are many ways you can find out which moon cycle your period aligns with but one of the best ways is to track your ovulation and periods. This will give you a clear picture of how your cycle operates and then you can see how it falls in relation to the moon’s cycles.

You can even use a period tracker to help you keep a record of when menstruation starts and ends as well as other symptoms that link to your menstrual cycle. Check out my Period Tracker & Moontime Journal Bundle for all the tools you need to track your period, its symptoms as well as how it aligns with the moon.

Inside there is a Period Tracker & Calendar (which will help you see exactly where your period falls in relation to the moon’s phases), journaling pages, moon cycle sheets and information on all the phases of your menstrual cycle.

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There are also many health benefits to tracking your period. For starters, it can help you to become more in tune with your body as well as spot certain patterns and symptoms in your cycle.

Now let’s move on to find out what each moon cycle means…

White Moon Cycle

If you have synced with a White Moon Cycle then you bleed on a New Moon and ovulate on a Full Moon.

This cycle is associated with fertility and indicates that you are ready to either birth children or bring new projects into being. It is also common with women who already have children and use their energetic resources to look after their family.

As such, rather than focus their energy outwards, women who align with a white moon cycle, pull energy inwards and are focused on nurturing their children and their own creative endeavours.

They are also in alignment with the fertility cycle of the Earth as the earth is most fertile during a full moon.

What’s more, this cycle mirrors the energetic peaks of the moon. During your period you are considered to energetically be more introverted whereas during ovulation you feel brighter and more full of energy. Like menstruation, a new moon is a time for quiet reflection and like ovulation, a full moon is a time of expansion and growth.

Goddesses who are associated with the white moon cycle include: Freya, Demeter, Isis, Ostara and Shakti.

How to Use The White Moon Cycle

Use the creative and fertile energy of this cycle to bring new creations to life. Alternatively, you can also use this energy to either bring children into the world (if you are hoping to become pregnant of course!) or nourish your family.

If you have synced with this cycle you are most likely being called to devote more time to yourself and concentrate on building your own life and strengthening your family structure.

Red Moon Cycle

If you are synced with a Red Moon Cycle then you bleed on a Full Moon and ovulate on a New Moon.

Women who align with a red moon cycle are traditionally thought to be shamans, high priestesses and healers. They use their energetic resources to look after their community and reflect energy outwards.

Not only this, but within the Red Tent philosophy in days long past, women who bled on a full moon looked after those who bled on a new moon.

Women who cycle with the Red Moon are considered to be teachers, way-showers and wisdom keepers. They can easily commune with the Divine and channel energy.

Unlike those who bleed on the new moon, women who bleed on a full moon may feel a rush of energy and vitality during menstruation.

Goddesses associated with the Red Moon Cycle are: Brigid, Persephone, Hekate and Morrigan.

alt="printable with information about red moon cycle, white moon cycle, pink moon cycle, purple moon cycle"
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How To Use The Red Moon Cycle

If you align with this cycle then connecting with Divine energy comes easily to you. Therefore, use this gift to aid you in your spiritual practices and put your spiritual development into gear.

You may be syncing with this cycle because you are being urged to evolve and develop your consciousness. You may also be drawn to healing modalities and helping others.

Pink Moon Cycle

If you are synced with a Pink Moon Cycle you bleed on a Waxing Moon and ovulate on a Waning Moon.

Unlike the White Moon and Red Moon Cycles, which are considered the two main cycles, the Pink Moon and Purple Moon cycles are considered transitional cycles. This implies that you are in a transition phase of your life.

If you align with a Pink Moon Cycle, then you are considered to be in a phase of your life where you are growing and expanding. This is because you bleed on a moon phase where the moon’s energy is growing and expanding.

At this point in your life, you may be focused on healing, learning and building your life.

Goddesses associated with this cycle are : Kali, Ceridwen and Eos.

How To Use The Pink Moon Cycle

If you align with a pink moon cycle you may be going through a transformation or experiencing a rebirth. You also may have ended one phase of your life and be ready for a new beginning.

Take the time to work out what direction you are heading in and where you want to take your life. Think about what your focus is and go full steam ahead with it.

Purple Moon Cycle

If you sync with a Purple Moon Cycle, you bleed on a Waning Moon and ovulate on a Waxing Moon.

Like the pink moon cycle, the purple moon cycle is a transitional cycle. Therefore, if you have synced with this cycle, it suggests you are in a transitional phase of your life. However, unlike the pink moon cycle, rather than expanding and growing you are, metaphorically, retreating back into your cocoon.

Since you experience menstruation on a waning moon you are at a point in your life where you are ready to slow down and devote more time yourself. Instead of projecting your energy outwards, right now you prefer to conserve your energy.

Goddesses who are associated with this cycle are: Persephone, Vesta and Inanna.

How To Use The Purple Moon Cycle

If you currently align with a purple moon cycle then self-care and self-reflection should be your focus. Make more room in your diary to devote more time to yourself.

It is also possible that you may need to do some inner healing and this is something that only alone time will achieve.

Celebrate Your Cycle No Matter What Moon Cycle You Align With

Regardless, of what moon cycle you currently synchronise with, you should celebrate your menstrual cycle. It is a beautiful and sacred part of being a woman.

Most women dread that ‘time of the month’ but when you consciously connect with it and start to understand the rhythms of your body, you can begin to live in alignment with your body. And when you start to learn which moon phase you have synchronised with, hopefully it will become a bit clearer to you where you are at in life.

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