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Spiritual Awakening Signs: 16 Major Signs and Stages of a Spiritual Awakening

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Going through a spiritual awakening is an incredible and life-changing experience. Anyone who has gone through this can tell you that life is truly never the same again. It is like emerging from a cocoon, where once you lived your life as a caterpillar, you now live from the perspective of a butterfly.

For some, this experience is earth-shattering and scary, but for others, it can be like starting a new life with renewed hope and love for living. Either way, you see the world with new eyes and this changes everything.

The moment you begin to awaken marks the beginning of your spiritual journey. It is an initiatory moment that puts you on the path towards spiritual growth and living in a way that is more in alignment with the Divine. The world view that you held before disintegrates and a more conscious and understanding approach to life emerges.

The awakening process is definitely a turbulent one and can sometimes be as up and down as a rollercoaster ride…

There can even be times when it feels like the ‘scary’ or ‘dark night of the soul’ part of the journey will never pass. However, it is all part of the process and is the exact reason why this experience is perceived as an initiation. It is important to remember that this period will pass, so have heart!

What I have discovered from years on the spiritual path is that with any awakening process you always come out of the other side even stronger and able to hold even more Light in your being.

My Spiritual Awakening Story

My spiritual awakening changed my life. It set my feet firmly on the spiritual path and I have never seen life in the same way since.

My awakening contained all the key ingredients of a classic spiritual awakening. The despair, anger, grief followed by big realizations and a feeling of a higher understanding entering my consciousness.

It happened when I was 20 after a long period of feeling frustration with this world. For my whole life, I had always felt like I never really belonged here and at the moment before my awakening, this feeling had never been so strong. I started to realize how so much of this world was absolutely insane and I felt as if I had a vague memory of a way of living that was different to this – more magical and Divine than the one I was currently experiencing day-to-day.

Shortly after this and seemingly unconnected, I started to research if life forms from other planets had visited Earth. The results I got were astounding. I found volumes of information on this subject and became immersed in all the knowledge of this topic. I started to stumble on messages that had been given to contactees about the nature of ETs and other planets and found that we were living in a Universe teeming with life and consciousness. Their messages were always enlightening and uplifting, speaking of the spiritual and Divine nature of this universe.

Reading and listening to this information was like rediscovering my true origins. I became aware of higher truths and a greater reality. My whole perspective of life and this world changed within the space of a few days. My purpose and reason for living had shifted and I suddenly felt ecstatic.

I felt as if I was suddenly living in another world to the world I had previously lived in and for the first time in a long while, I felt excited to be alive again.

And the most magical thing about this experience was that the universe started to reflect my newfound perspective of life. Manifestation became a daily experience where whatever I was thinking about would suddenly appear in front of me. I thought about an actor, he would be on TV. I would ask for a sign from the universe and it would be there. I would find money on the street as if the universe was saying thank you for the lightwork I would do. It was magical and felt as if the universe was saying yes! This is the way…

My experience of spiritual awakening I will always remember. It led me to create this blog – the canvas of all my creative and spiritual projects – and is why I am writing this article now.  

The Global Spiritual Awakening & Personal Spiritual Awakening

The Global Spiritual Awakening
Right now we are going through a Global Spiritual Awakening…

Right now we are going through what you could call a Global Spiritual Awakening and what many spiritual teachers have dubbed the ‘Shift of the Ages’ – a transition into a more peaceful era of greater awareness and love for each other. This I believe is why many of us are experiencing these profound activations on a personal level. We are going through a period of accelerated growth and in order to have this collective awakening, we each need to first experience our own personal awakening.

Many, who have studied the ancient prophecies that predict a Golden Age, explain what the world is going through right now is a ‘Dark Night of the Soul’ period.

There is no doubt the world is in crisis right now politically, ecologically, socially and pretty much on any other level you can think of.  I believe we are all feeling this individually and collectively. How often do you hear someone say ‘the world has gone mad!’?

What is important to remember is that this Dark Night of the Soul period we are going through will pass. You could say that right now we are finding our feet and the chaos and confusion is just part of the process. Hang on in there brave one!

Signs of a Spiritual Awakening

A spiritual awakening is different for everyone from the trigger and cause to the signs and stages, yet there are certain elements of this process that most people will experience when they ‘wake up’. Some may seem familiar to you and some may not. If you are at the beginning of your spiritual journey, you may not have experienced them yet but you most likely will soon.

  1. You feel angry with the world.
  2. Frustration with your current life.
  3. Feeling drawn to research topics you had no interest in previously.
  4. Feeling sadness or moments of grief day-to-day.
  5. A strong feeling of realisation and awareness about certain things.
  6. Something critical happens in your life that changes your perspective.
  7. You don’t want to play by the rules of society anymore.
  8. A strong urge to ‘wake up’ or inform others.
  9. You begin to feel a split in your life as your perception of things change and perhaps your certain aspects of your life doesn’t resonate with you anymore.
  10. A need for connection with likeminded souls.
  11. Experiencing synchronicities more regularly and you feel as if the universe is communicating with you through supposedly coincidental events.
  12. Strange spiritual experiences.
  13. You have heightened psychic skills and may experience visitations from angels or loved ones that have passed away. You have strange dreams and may feel that otherworldly beings are communicating with you or conveying messages.
  14. Feeling like you need a big change in your life. You are drawn to learning new skills like healing, channeling, astral travel and improving your intuitive abilities.
  15. You feel the desire to implement new habits such as healthy eating, prayer, and meditation.
  16. A strong need to make a difference in the world. You start to feel the call of your sacred mission.

Signs and Stages of A Spiritual Awakening Explained

1. Anger with the World and Frustration With Your Life

You start to feel angry at the injustices of our world. You wish things were different and you long to live in a more peaceful and loving society. This is followed by questioning aspects of our world. For example, why is it normal to work at a job you may even dislike for the best part of your life? You start to see how bizarre things we take for ‘normal’ are.

You also begin to feel frustrated with your life. You desire change but you are not sure when or how this change will come about.

These are usually the first triggers of a spiritual awakening. These small signs signal to your soul that you are ready for something much bigger. You are starting to see through the illusion of the matrix which then invites people and experiences into your life that start the awakening process.

The feeling of discomfort in your current life is a sign that your soul is ready for more. More knowledge, a higher purpose, and different experiences.

2. Researching ‘Unusual’ Topics & A Sudden Feeling of Realization

This feeling of frustration and anger with the world has you searching for answers. Your curiosity is piqued. You don’t understand why the world is the way it is so you begin to research topics such as the nature of the universe, esotericism, secret societies, and higher spiritual concepts. You might even research topics that might seem crazy to most people.

You jump right into the rabbit hole, falling fast and hoping that at some point soon you might reach the bottom. Whilst consuming all this information, a mixture of emotions wash over you which could range anywhere from feeling grief and sadness to sublime spiritual ecstasy.

These new-found truths have disrupted your world view but you remain thankful for them. A feeling of truth and understanding starts to emerge followed by a big feeling of realization.

You begin to realize that you are a spiritual being having a human experience and that there is to more to life than what we can perceive with our five senses. This is when the awakening process gets really interesting and your life starts to change in a big way.

3. You Want to Wake Up Others & You No Longer Want to Live By the Rules

After having this type of information download and experiencing realizations as big as this, it is quite common to suddenly feel like you want to turn your back on ‘normal’ society.

From all that you have recently learned, you feel as if everything that the world has taught you was not true. You might even feel betrayed or distrustful of the news, politicians, and other authoritative figures. This is completely normal and just part of the process of adjustment to your new spiritual perspective.

However, it is possible after this experience of awakening that you do entirely avoid, what I guess you could call for a lack of a better term, normality. To you, everything about traditional society represents an unconscious way of living and the way that you used to live your life. You feel that you have come out of the darkness and have no desire to return to it. The only problem is that you see so many people still living in that very darkness that you recently liberated yourself from.

You start to try to wake up other people. You see the light as clear as day and you want others to see the amazing spiritual reality that you see. Unfortunately, not everyone is ready to awaken and many of the people you try to wake up don’t understand what the heck you are on about. This is ok and it is important to remember that everyone awakens at the right time and when they are truly ready to.

4. You Feel a Split Between Your ‘New Life’ and ‘Old Life’ & Seek Connections With Like-Minded People

A spiritual awakening can be an incredibly lonely process. Most often than not, many of the people around you will not understand what is happening to you or what you are going through. How could they? It’s like seeing life through two different shades of glasses.

This is probably one of the hardest parts of the awakening process. No one understands you and you find yourself unable to speak about all the incredible things you are experiencing and learning.

At this point, the separation between your old life and new life never seemed so clear. You suddenly find yourself with a life that you have completely outgrown in terms of friends, connections, your job and maybe even where you live.

However, this can also be a wonderful opportunity to start afresh and to invite new people into your life – people who are walking the same path of spiritual growth and embodying their own Divinity.

5. Experiencing Synchronicities & Unusual Spiritual Experiences

Another major symptom and sign of a spiritual awakening are experiencing synchronicities and unusual spiritual experiences. These experiences could be anything and are completely personal to you. At times you may doubt these unusual events but ultimately if you listen to your intuition, you will discover the true meaning of them. Essentially, these events are a clear sign that the Divine is opening you up to the bigger reality of the universe.

Synchroncities, in particular, are a way of the Divine communicating with us. They usher us into a direction that is more in alignment with our soul path. I like to think of them as a little nod from the universe that I am on the right path.

The beautiful part of a spiritual awakening is that it doesn’t happen by accident (nor does anything really in the universe). An agreement takes place between your higher self and the Divine to orchestrate the catalysts that trigger the awakening process.

6. Feeling the Need for Change & A Desire to Learn New Skills or Create New Habits

With the feeling that your life has been renewed, comes the desire for a big life change. This could be anything from a change of job, partner or location to even smaller changes such as eating habits, fitness goals or organisational routines. You want your life to reflect your new spiritual path and the growth that you wish to attain.

A new world has been opened up to you, along with a whole list of new interests. You feel now is the right time to start learning new skills that will accelerate your growth and bring new experiences into your life.

This could be learning how to do healing, learning about nutrition or holistic therapies or even holding ceremonies and healing circles. Whatever it is, follow that interest or skill as it will take you where you need to be and could even lead you to your sacred mission – the very calling that you agreed fulfill before being born here (read here for more information on your sacred calling).

7. A Strong Feeling of Needing to Change the World: You Begin To Feel The Call of Your Sacred Mission

The last stage of awakening, but by no means the least, is the desire to change the world for the better. You begin to realise that you too have a part to play in this transition we are experiencing and you wish to help in some way to bring the planet out of its dark night of the soul period.

The call of a sacred mission starts to arise within you and the universe duly responds. It may be years or could be relatively soon after awakening that you feel you are on your true soul path. Regardless of how soon it is, the important thing is that you will find your path. It is predestined and a part of your soul contract in becoming what I like to call a Lightworker – a soul who is dedicated to spreading light and helping bring the planet to a new level of consciousness.

With finding the call of your sacred mission, you begin to learn how to embody your Divinity and how to channel your true soul essence into this physical world. This is a part of every soul’s mission on this planet and part of our collective purpose in bridging the gap between the Divine and our planet so that we may anchor this energy in the here and now.

Awakening is an Archetypal Story

The story of awakening is archetypal. This is because it follows the pattern of life, death, and renewal which all nature abides by. It is one of the oldest stories known and has been detailed in many of the wisest and oldest religions and belief systems of our planet. From the story of Buddha to the story of Jesus and even to the knowledge encoded within the Major Arcana of the Tarot.

It maps out the way we spiritually evolve and move forward in our evolution. Death is followed by transformation as the latter cannot take place without the former happening first.

The hero’s journey demonstrates this perfectly. The hero is tested and faces near defeat until he/she looks into himself and finds the courage and strength to conquer his/her rival (from a spiritual point of view this is the ego). Once this rival is defeated, which acts as the hero’s initiation, he/she returns home, wiser and more mature.

Spiritual Awakening Symbols

Some common symbols that are associated with higher spiritual awareness that illustrate the archetypal nature of awakening include:

  • The Butterfly: Transformation – a butterfly transforms itself from a caterpillar to a butterfly.
  • The Phoenix: Regeneration – ‘Like a phoenix rising from the ashes’. This phrase touches upon the death that must take place before something new is birthed.
  • The Sunrise or Dawn: Renewal – ‘Dawn of a New Day’ is a well-known phrase that depicts the coming of a new golden age.
  • The Serpent: Awakening – Represents the Kundalini energy that wraps itself around the spine like a serpent. A Kundalini awakening is said to be one of the most powerful awakenings that anyone can experience.
Kundalini Spiritual Awakening
Kundalini Awakening

Trust the Process

The process of spiritual awakening can be scary, hard and turbulent at the best of times. It can easily feel like your life is falling apart but in truth, your life is not falling apart. Instead what is happening is that all that does not align with you anymore is simply falling away to make way for new energies to enter your life.

It’s a beautiful process and the best thing you can do is to trust it. Even if at times things feel dark, I promise that you will see the light at the end of the tunnel.

It is also important to keep in mind that just because you have experienced one spiritual awakening doesn’t mean that you won’t experience another. The process of spiritual awakening is an ongoing one. It doesn’t end and you may even experience what I like to call ‘mini-awakenings’ in your lifetime.

There will be times when your spiritual journey feels really rough and perhaps even too much of a rollercoaster for you to bear. There will be highs and lows and everything imaginable in between. I wish I could tell you that you walk into the sunset after experiencing that amazing, scary and life-changing awakening but, truth be told, that is just the beginning.

What I will tell you is that there will never be a spiritual awakening like your first. The one that propelled you out of the matrix will stay with you forever and will give you comfort when you feel like you can’t find your way. After an awakening such as this, you know the true reality of life and this universe which is something that you cannot forget.

However, this is when the real spiritual work starts to emerge. From this time onwards you will be called to live in a way that reflects your true divine nature and enter on to the path that will bring you to your sacred mission. Enjoy the ride!

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Spiritual Awakening Signs: 16 Major Signs and Stages of a Spiritual Awakening
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Spiritual Awakening Signs: 16 Major Signs and Stages of a Spiritual Awakening
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