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To the Lightworkers of Planet Earth


I could see the higher selves of each individual speaking to each other and all agreeing that we were ready to take the next step in our collective spiritual journey on planet Earth. This decision had been made by all humanity.

Over the last few months, or even year you could argue, there has been this feeling of confusion and hopelessness within the spiritual and ‘disclosure’ community. This is something I had been feeling very strongly over the past few weeks.

I had been experiencing an accumulation of anxiety after a craze of research into the current 5G crisis and other topics around the control and surveillance that our society was seemingly slowly moving closer to.

I just felt as if I have had enough! How can we be living in a way that is so at war with nature? I thought how is it that we are living in a world that at every turn something is out to either ruin our health or manipulate our minds into subjection and slavery.

Major censorship across the whole internet made me feel like we were living in a dystopian nightmare

Something else that had really hit me hard was the massive censorship campaign that was happening across all social media and internet platforms. Facebook pages created by honest and dedicated individuals were getting deleted for no reason, YouTube videos were being buried by algorithms or being demonetised for not falling in line with the official narrative and Google was burying search engine results for natural health pages.

Basically, any information that somehow exposing the lies that are fed by the mainstream media or threatened the Deep State in some way was being hidden and deleted. What’s more, the individuals exposing those lies were being persecuted and silenced in a very vicious and methodical way that we had never seen on the web. The internet had always been a beacon of hope within the spiritual and awakened community because it had always been a way of sharing information at a very grassroots level and a way of bypassing mainstream media sources. This freedom was suddenly in danger and therefore I couldn’t help but feel that hope was rapidly diminishing

I was angry and at an ‘all is lost’ point.

When was justice going to be served?

As children, we were told fairy stories. In these stories, there would reach a point of massive injustice against the hero of the tale who, despite their innocence, would in some way have to suffer because of the actions that their adversary had taken against them. After a big conflict, this would all be rectified and the villain would lose and the hero would get to live happily ever after. I was at that point of waiting for justice to be served and for the villain of the tale to have their comeuppance but a few weeks ago this justice felt like it was never going to come.

A change of events

Then things suddenly changed. Breaking news hit of Jeffery Epstein’s arrest. A known child sex trafficker, sexual abuser of minors and powerful individual amongst the very elite that much of the lightworker community and disclosure movement had been trying to expose and bring down. His arrest felt almost symbolic and it will undoubtedly drag (and is currently dragging) many other important names through the mud. It is most likely expected that other arrests will follow soon.

It was just before this happened that my very good friend Ananja had received a channeling from her Pleiadian star family telling her that the time had come and justice was just about to be served. Her channeling, the news of Epstein as well as David Wilcock’s recent article explaining soon we would see massive steps taken against the dark elite, all seemed to suggest that things REALLY were happening.

Information that came to me in a download

It feels appropriate now to share some information that I received in a download. I would like to mention that these downloads are different from channelings but nonetheless just as powerful and insightful. For me, downloads occur when I feel most connected to Source, the Divine Realms or when I psychically connect with a light being that is outside of our time and space. I usually experience these when there is an important astrological alignment or when a subtle energetic gateway opens. My vibration rises and things suddenly click into place for me, as if I am seeing and understanding higher truths that I couldn’t see before.

What I saw was the two worlds of the awakened community and mainstream society suddenly colliding and meeting for the first time. There had been this energetic crescendo that had been building up as if the Cosmic Energy was at an all-time high, causing this sudden major shift in the story that is playing out on planet Earth (I feel that this is due to moving into a part of the galaxy that is highly charged. David Wilcock documents well how this phenomenon can speed up our evolution in his book Source Field Investigations).

This wave of Cosmic Energy that the planet had been bathed in had suddenly caused Time to speed up as well as our collective consciousness to accelerate. Timelines were converging to a single point and the road to planetary enlightenment had been assured and confirmed. I could see the higher selves of each individual speaking to each other and all agreeing that we were ready to take the next step in our collective spiritual journey on planet Earth. This decision had been made by all humanity. (To read more about co-creative consciousness, check out my article on it here).

The time truly had come.

It was a really beautiful experience to see this and feel it so clearly. My heart was pounding as I was connecting with this Divine and Cosmic Energy.

It all made sense

So often before a big shift in consciousness, it is common to experience anger, frustration and hopelessness. I remember this exact feeling before my big spiritual awakening in 2011. Much like the card ‘The Tower’ in the Tarot, which is often depicted as a tower on the verge of collapse, something needs to be broken or old beliefs need to die to make way for renewed hope and a spiritual awakening.

I realised that the frustration and anger I had been feeling (I also felt that others in our community had been feeling this way particularly recently) had been the precursor to this big download and a major shift happening on a global scale. [To further illustrate this point the first part of this article leading up to Epstein’s arrest, was written before that news broke. I felt like I had to air my fustrations in some way so started writing an article about how hopeless things felt. However, when I saw this news, the focus of this article completely changed :)]

The most important thing we can do now

The most important thing you can do now is to carry out your soul mission and divine purpose to its fullest potential. Make contact with your higher self and find out which direction it is leading you. As I have said many times on Small Ripples, when we are the fullest expression of our divine selves we can create unprecedented change on this planet. Ride the cosmic waves that we are currently experiencing and allow them to illuminate your path. Connection with the Divine is greatly needed on this planet and when you create that personal connection with it, the anchoring of that energy will naturally follow.

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