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What Does a Past Life Flashback Feel Like?

Past Life Egypt

Have you ever had that strange feeling of familiarity where you feel like you have been somewhere before but can’t quite pinpoint when? Perhaps it is not the location that seems familiar but maybe you recognise a building, object, civilisation or picture from somewhere before. Somehow you sense that this feeling of familiarity may originate from another lifetime but it all seems a little bit blurry.

I can’t tell you the number of times I have had this feeling during the course of my life. Ever since I was a child I would get flashbacks of past lives or be very drawn to certain historical periods where I knew that I had lived a life during that time. As a result, I have always had a very strong connection with all my other lives, even to the point where I can look at a map and point out all the different countries I have lived in other times.

You may be wondering how I know with certainty what my past lives were and I can tell you that I know this by two ways:

  1. Feeling a huge pull and emotional connection to certain countries, civilisations and historical periods.
  2. Vivid past life flashbacks where past life memories surface out of the blue.

What is a Past Life Flashback?

Ancient Egyptian Woman
An Ancient Egyptian Woman

A past life flashback is when suddenly past life memories surface and you get a brief glimpse of a life you have lived before. This may come in the form of images, déjà vu, dreams or even as a vision.

Most of my ‘realest’ past life flashbacks have been triggered by doing something that feels distinctly familiar. For example, I remember one day I was getting ready to go out and was putting on my eyeliner as I usually do and I suddenly had this flashback of me wearing the same back liner around my eyes when I had a life in Ancient Egypt. It was as if for a brief second I had been transported to that life and back again. It was really amazing but also incredibly strange.

The second most vivid flashback I ever had was when I was sitting with my two-year-old daughter and was putting curtain hooks back on to my curtains. She wanted to help me do it so we both hunched over together with our eyes up right up to the curtains and delicately hooked them back on. Suddenly, out of the blue, I had a flashback of me and her both together, doing something very similar in a lifetime in Ancient Greece.

The same crouching pose and doing something very delicate and fiddly like maybe sewing or fixing something with her seemed so familiar. It also seemed as if I had been her mother again in this past life as I could see the same daughter and mother dynamic reflected in that flashback.

It was really heartwarming to know that we had met in previous lifetimes and she had chosen to join me again in this life as well.

Flashbacks in Dreams

Past Life Flashbacks in Dreams
Past Life Flashbacks in Dreams

Of course, there are many ways that you can experience past life flashbacks and it is not always in our conscious waking state that past life memories surface. Dreams are another way that memories can resurface easily.

Have you ever had a dream where you were in another time period? Perhaps you were wearing different clothes or you were in another country. Over the years, I have also experienced this quite frequently and it always sends my head spinning when I wake up.

When we dream of our past lives, it is often our higher or subconscious mind trying to process past traumas and release old emotional patterns that we have brought through into our current life.

Past life regression – a type of therapy where you delve into the memories of your past life under hypnosis – has a similar objective where you bring these old emotional patterns and traumas to light to be healed and released.

There is also another reason why sometimes we dream of our past lives and this is sometimes to unlock information that we can use in this lifetime. Our higher self is always looking out for us and often allows us to see glimpses of other lives if it will assist us in this one. Nothing is by chance and if you are having dreams of other lives, it might be a good idea to pay attention to any hidden messages that your dreams might be communicating to you.

Flashbacks During Meditation

Past life memories and flashbacks can also be brought up in meditation, often in the form of a vision. When we meditate, our brainwaves change and we go into an altered state of consciousness. Without the chatter of the ‘conscious mind’, it is easier for us to access these memories and easier for our higher mind to relate information to us that we need.

I can remember a time when I was meditating and suddenly out of nowhere an image of one my very good friends Aiyana came to my mind and she was wearing Scottish Celtic clothing. I remember suddenly thinking “oh so that’s where I know you from!” The funny thing about this is that I completely forgot about this until a few weeks later when she sent me a message saying that she was thinking of renting a place in Scotland for the winter!

I was gobsmacked and told her the vision I had of her and that I felt I knew her from a life we had together in Scotland. She admitted to me that she felt a very strong pull to Scotland as well which, for me, confirmed that it was not just my imagination. Also, the synchronicity of her message seemed too timely to be just a coincidence. I took this as a strong message from the universe to trust my visions and intuition.

Flashbacks of ‘In Between’ Lives

In Between Lives
Flashbacks of ‘In Between’ Lives

Flashbacks do not necessarily have to be just of past lives either, they can also be of what you experienced in between the different lives that you have lived. The ‘in between’ life stage has been documented well by past life regressionists, most notably by Dr. Michael Newton who wrote the book Life Between Lives.

Dr. Michael Newton has regressed hundreds of patients using hypnosis methods, of which time he learnt about the in between life stage that takes place between when a person passes away and when they are reincarnated again. Newton found that after a life came to a close and during the in between life stage, the person would first have a review of their life looking at the progression they had made. After this, they would plan their next incarnation, carefully choosing the life lessons they would experience as well as the people they would incarnate with and where they would live. This is all chosen specifically for the soul to grow and evolve and to carry out their own unique mission for that lifetime.

I remember once when I was meditating, this sudden vision came to me where I was in a heavenly dimension and I was planning out my next life (the current life I am living). I saw my true divine essence and realised that I came here to help increase the light on this planet. I had been given a sort of ‘Lightworker’ training before I incarnated, as had some of my very close Lightworker friends who I saw there as well. This was a really beautiful experience. I could feel the love and light of this heavenly space I was in and the realisation of my mission was such an emotional experience. I felt so grateful for my life in that moment and felt this huge feeling of purpose.

How Do You Know If You Have Experienced A Past Life Flashback?

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You may be wondering at this point how you can differentiate between a genuine flashback and maybe something you feel you just cooked up in your head. Of course, there is no sure way to know if you have experienced a genuine flashback but what I would suggest is to trust your intuition. So often our intuition can tell us things which cannot be known by our five senses so it is worth trying to tap into our intuitive abilities.

Another important point is to try to consider how your flashback made you feel? Did it make you feel excited, upset, overwhelmed or happy? If you feel a strong emotion connected to your flashback that could be a good indicator that it was genuine and not something you just imagined.

What Can We Take Away From Our Flashbacks?

We don’t experience flashbacks of our past lives for no reason. As I mentioned before, our higher self is always guiding us and assisting us on our spiritual path and these flashbacks are often trying to communicate something to us as well as heal any energetic wounds that we have carried over into this life.

I believe that these flashbacks and past life memories we experience from time to time are a wonderful reminder of the fact that our soul is eternal. We live many lives in different countries, assume different races, speak different languages, experience both genders, and perhaps maybe even live lives on different planets or dimensions.

Our physical identities shift from lifetime to lifetime but one thing never changes and that is our own unique divine essence. That always stays the same, it’s just that with each life we live we are mastering new lessons, reaching new spiritual goals and stripping away what no longer serves us to reveal our true divinity and become more of ourselves.

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