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Connect with the Divine: 7 Ways to Strengthen Your Connection with the Divine

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When we speak about connecting with the Divine, it can often feel like a very ‘airy fairy’ unattainable energy to anchor in your life. However, what I would like to show you is that the Divine is a very real and loving presence that exists all around us. And it is much simpler than you think to create a meaningful and deep connection with it.

What is the Divine?

The Divine is the sacred energy of God, Source or as I like to think of him/her, the Infinite Creator. To me, the Divine is the presence of the Infinite Creator, it is the reflection of that unconditional love, light and beauty that permeates all living things in all of creation. It is the highest and purest energy in existence.

I believe that we ourselves are Divine Creators and hold that sacred energy within our being but unfortunately, many on this planet have forgotten this truth.

The Divine can be tapped into from anywhere and everywhere, so long as you have the tools and knowledge to know how to do so. It can sometimes take a bit of practice to understand and recognise the feeling of Divine presence but if you are taking the time to consciously connect with this energy, then you will eventually understand how it manifests itself.

Clairsentience (known as clear feeling) is something that can really help you to master this. Take a look at my article 5 Ways You Can Develop Clairsentience and Learn To Read Energy to help you to learn how to feel subtle differences in energy.

Why is it important to connect with the Divine?

When we connect with the Divine and align our frequency with it, we become a clear channel for it, anchoring it on to Earth. If enough of us can do this then we can begin to heal our world. And what did Jesus famously say? That we must build Heaven on Earth. In my eyes, this means anchoring the pure and loving energy of the Divine into this reality so that it may heal and transform our world.

Not only this, but bringing this energy into our lives helps us to fulfil our own spiritual mission. There is a Divine Plan for our world and there is also our individual Divine Plan for our soul. This is also known as a soul contract.

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7 Ways You Can Connect With the Divine

There are many different ways you can connect with the Divine but it is really about finding your own sacred relationship with it. Here are some incredible ways I have managed to deepen my relationship with it, which I hope will inspire you!

1. Spend Time in Nature


I have always felt closest to the Divine when I am in nature. In nature, there is the energy of growth, new life, transformation and transition – all the sacred elements of spiritual growth and evolution.

When we connect with nature, we are also connecting with the life force of the planet that sustains and nourishes all life. It is that creative energy that spirals both upwards and downwards through trees, plants and flowers. Its essence is healing, nourishing and pure.

Two wonderful ways of connecting with nature are:

  • Do a grounding meditation – This can simply be done by taking off your shoes so that you are barefoot and placing your feet on the Earth. Imagine that you grow roots from the bottom of your feet that grow deep into the ground. Now imagine light spiralling upwards from the roots into your body and then downwards through your legs, into your feet and down into the Earth. It is also good to do this whilst you are standing in the sun so that you may feel the sun’s energy beaming down on you.
  • Plant seeds and help new life to flourish – When we plant seeds and help life to flourish, we step into our creative powers and establish a loving relationship with the Earth. In fact, I believe it is almost a sacred act to plant a seed within the Earth.

You can find out some other ways to connect with the Earth in my article How We Can Learn The True Value of Nature from Indigenous Tribes.

2. Start Working With Energy

Working with energy, whether that be through meditation, lightwork or healing, can help you to learn how to channel the Divine in your everyday life. When we consciously connect with Divine energy, we begin to align with that frequency.

As a result, we can’t help but be a blessing to the world as our actions, thoughts and words begin to reflect our Divinity.

If you would like to learn some meditations that will help you to connect with your innate Divine essence, then I would really recommend downloading my workbook Step Into Your Divine Power. It’s completely free and has some wonderful ways of helping you to access your inner Divinity. Get it below!

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3. Practice Speaking to Your Angels and Guides

Our angels and guides are all around us, at all times. They are the emissaries of Light and messengers of the Divine. They have a completely loving and peaceful energy.

Building a relationship with them can help bring you closer to the Infinite Creator. Try to speak to them on a daily basis and ask for signs from them. You can either speak to them out loud, through prayer or connect with them during meditation. Common signs that angels are communicating with you are:

  • Receiving ideas and thoughts that don’t feel like they are from you.
  • Hearing whispers or gentle voices.
  • Unexplained pleasant fragrances.
  • Finding white feathers.
  • Seeing angel number sequences such as 333 or 11.11

To learn more about the signs that angels leave I would recommend checking out Melanie Beckler’s blog on Ask Angels. Her blog is a great resource of information for anyone who wants to understand angels better.

4. Use Oracle Cards to Tap Into Divine Flow

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Another wonderful method for communicating with the Divine is using oracle cards such as angel cards or even Tarot. I prefer using angels cards because I find they have a slightly higher vibration than Tarot. Yet, Tarot can also be good because unlike angel cards, there is more a feeling of recognition of both light and dark aspects of life. So sometimes the information from a Tarot reading can be slightly more specific. Like all things, it comes down to personal preference.

There are also other amazing oracle decks such as:

  • Starseed Oracle Cards
  • Animal Spirit Oracle Cards
  • Moonology Oracle Cards
  • Faerie Oracle Cards
  • Nature Oracle Cards.

…The list goes on! What’s significant is that they all represent a different aspect of the Divine on an energetic level and all serve as a communication tool between you and a higher power.

And the incredible thing is, when we do an oracle card reading, something very special happens. Based on our energy and vibration at the time, we attract the cards that resonate with us at that moment. As such, it makes a wonderful communication tool to receive insights and information that might not be visible to us.

I would like to share a recent experience I had with oracle cards when I asked them what the future held for me. I had shuffled, picked and spread the cards out and the overall message that came back was I needed to create a deeper relationship with myself and concentrate on my soul mission. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the answer that I wanted to hear as I had hoped that there might be some sign of romance in the near future.

Dissatisfied with this reading, I proceeded to do more readings over the next few days. Again, the same message was revealed to me! Even some of the same cards from the previous reading appeared in the current spread. I tried a different deck and again the same message was there right in front of me loud and clear!

At that moment, I knew without a shadow of a doubt that oracle cards deliver truly magical messages to us and are not just random. Even though I didn’t get the answer I was hoping for, I felt so held and cared for by the Divine, knowing that where I was, was exactly where I needed to be!

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5. Track Synchronicities

A synchronicity is a seemingly coincidental and unlikely event that has been Divinely orchestrated in order to deliver a message. This message could come in the form of what someone says, a picture, a slogan or something you see in nature, the list is endless. What is special is about it is that it delivers a message that is completely personal to you and in such a magical way. Whenever I experience a synchronicity, I tend to have to take a double-take (I seriously have experienced some incredible ones!).

Whenever I see these little messages from the Universe, I always feel it is telling me that I am on the right path and in alignment with the sacred force of creation. The Infinite Creator is always trying to communicate with us so look out for those little signs!

6. Do Something Creative

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Creativity is the very essence of Divinity. You could even say that when we are creative ‘we are playing God’ but of course only in the noblest of ways ;). When we create, it is like opening a portal of potential. We begin to tap into the realm of Divine consciousness, channelling noble ideas and concepts into art forms. It is only through creation that we are able to further the progress of our world.

All of us are creative and each of us is creative in different ways. Some of us like drawing or painting and some of us like writing (that’s me!), building or even cooking. Whatever your creative outlet is, do it with the intention of expressing yourself in the purest way possible.

I recommend doing a quick meditation before you start your creative venture to help synchronise energy with Source/Infinite Creator. I often do this before I write an article to make sure what I write is a reflection of that sacred energy that I wish to send out into the world.

7. Clear Energy – Make Your Home Into a Temple

For me, energy clearing has become an everyday activity and I can’t tell you the difference it has made. I believe that energy clearing is a must for anyone on the spiritual path.

Only when you have cleared the energy around you and in your home can you truly feel Divine presence (at least this is my experience!). If there is dark or stagnant energy around you, it will most likely block Divine energy from flowing to you. Think of it as clearing away the cobwebs from a window so the light can shine in.

There are many ways you can clear the energy in your home but I warn you, it always starts with physical tidying and cleaning as that helps to move the energy so roll up your sleeves! After that do one or a few of the following things to cleanse the energy:

  • Use an aromatherapy spray or diffuser. Frankincense and Lavender oil are the best oils for protection against bad energy.
  • Burn potent herbs such as white sage, rosemary or lavender.
  • Play calming music.
  • Have a bottle or glass of water with sea salt in it placed in the corner of the room. Salt absorbs bad energy.

Restore Emotional Balance has some other wonderful ideas for energy clearing so I would recommend checking them out if you would like more ideas.

Stay Connected with the Divine

Right now, it is more important than ever to forge our own unique relationship with the Divine. We are going through some pretty dark times on this planet and we need to do all that we can to stay in our Light. Because when enough of us are able to anchor Divine energy on this planet, that is when we will see the current unhealthy systems and ways of our world disintegrate and ones that reflect Love spring forth!

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